Friday, January 18, 2013


This is so unusual,
 I just had to take a picture.


This is a much more familiar sight.

They love each other ??
One of these days, I'll figure out how to do a video with this camera because they are so comical rolling around with each other every  morning.
I'll have to remember how to put it on U Tube.  


Lynne said...

Then let me know how to do it too! Love seeing the family getting along . . .

Beverly said...

Call your tech support....anytime!!

Beulah said...

Love it! Makes me want some animals.

Stephanie said...

Awe sweet lol x

Anonymous said...

glad that Mollie finally got a squirrel! Ann

Bev said...

Oh, your little shih tzu looks like she could be related to my little shih tzu, Lola! They are both adorable!

Cheery wave!