Monday, January 7, 2013


 I was watching this squirrel for what seemed like forever. He was just hanging and munching.

 It looks like he's just hanging by his toes.

 I've taken the picture and written the post.
He's still there. ( Not hanging by his thumbs.)
One of natures  adaptations.
(I wonder when he's going to leave?)

Two days later , I noticed that he had chewed all the rims from around the holes. 

Darn Varmints...

The trees around here are loaded with their nests.

I'll fix him..( I hope ).

 "Now what am I to do??"

Don't feel sorry for him..
There are lots of other bird feeders around here.

I have been asked if bigger birds can get to the seed.
Whatcha think ??



Lynne said...

The forever Battle of the Squirrel . . . we live with it too. Let me know how the new feeder is working!

Beverly said...

Great pictures, Missy!!!

NanaDiana said...

Missy- Those are hysterical pictures. Crazy squirrels-xo Diana

Jody in Georgia said...

A fellow in the garden department of Lowe's told me that if you fed the squirrels their own "critter food", they'll generally let the birdseed alone. I've had mixed results for this. But allsummer, I had no squirrels at all. When I finally coaxed a little feral cat to come inside the house one cold, rainy night, she decided to the squirrels are back! So, your best deterent is a cat! But my cats...and I...enjoy watching the squirrels, too.

Anonymous said...

Ann Chance anything for a nut

Anonymous said...

Amanda Frankeny Hahaha! Nice shot!