Friday, January 11, 2013


We are only in to the second week of January
 and we have had four snow "events".

This weekend we may hit 60 degrees if we have sunny skies.

The Spring bulbs are poking their little heads thru the mulch.
( It looks like there are new buds on that bush as well.

Early Spring ?
I think it's just a preview.
We need a stretch of cold weather to kill bugs and some vegetation.
Recent winters have been too warm.
Be careful what you wish for ??  


Jody in Georgia said...

Missy, the weather is, indeed, "off kilter". Today in the Atlanta, GA area it is supposed to reach about 73. Now that's warm for January, even in the sunny South!

Beulah said...

Strange weather we're having. Hope it doesn't ruin your flowers. It's been cool and rainy almost all the time I've been down here.