Friday, February 15, 2013


Last Sunday Mollie and I visited Bee Haven Acres.

Sundays always start with a big farm breakfast that I can't seem to get there early enough to enjoy.
After that everyone cleans and packs eggs.
Do those hands look like they spend all their time
sewing or doing farm work ?? 


Everybody helps !!!

They are making their own lip's really nice.
Go to this site for details:

After that, I was off to the barn to visit the animals. 

Bobby has taken up residence in the garage for the winter.
He's keeping warm under his heat lamp.

Tom Tom stops by for a little loving...

The ever present Guineas...

Minerva is watching over her garden
 anxiously awaiting springs arrival.
I think she needs a coat.

Dr Becky's horses..
Sid and Ava...Sid was nipping at Ava's rump when I arrived.

He's full of himself....

Goatie Village..

Wait !! 
Is this a goat house or a chicken house  ??

" They are always trying to move in. "

"You girls better not be laying eggs in there".

"We have to watch them every minute."

 The turkeys are next to you every second
 but it's best that you ignore them.

 Lots of Roo's..

Feeding time for Moonbeam and Miss Scarlet.



Daphne and Chloe

Tom Tom has his eye on a rooster..


Of course we have to stop and see Mary Ann and Ginger.
Bev and Mary Ann speak the same language now..
It's not English...

It was a beautiful, sunny day..
Sorry pictures.
Mollie and I enjoyed visiting  everyone.
Thanks for your hospitality.


Lynne said...

What fun it must be to visit . . . Gorgeous Bee Haven Farm and all the "family!"

NanaDiana said...

Missy- What WONDERFUL pictures! I love your take on what they are thinking! They are all beauties, aren't they? xo Diana

Kelly said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! They have a beautiful farm! Wow, a lot to take care of too. Looks like they're doing a great job. I just adored seeing how cute the goats were along side the chickens. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures.....especially the closeup of the tabby cat. Did you bring back my lip balm?