Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Recently and army armed with chain saws
 marched through my neighborhood.
The above picture used to be Forsythia plantings 
that were eight feet tall and besides providing privacy
 were always full of  birds..
Who trims Forsythia this time of year..??
I use the word "trim" loosely. 
Sorry about the picture..It was taken in to the sunset.

Then there are the Hydrangea bushes..same thing..
All the new buds were cut off..
There are a lot of opinions about when to cut Hydrangeas.
I always cut out the dead wood after the buds matured.
If it needed thinning out, I would cut it back to above the bud
closest to the ground.

My Weeping Cherry no longer weeps...:(
What am I to do?? Live with it, I guess.


Beverly said...

Now it's an umbrella cherry!!

Patricia said...

Oh no! I am angry for you.

Lynne said...

Oh my . . . what LOSS . . . Sad to see, let's hope they come back . . . it will be a few years though before privacy row returns . . .

Kelly said...

Well good Lord! A chainsaw??? That's hilarious. My husband has a lawn care business on the side and I assure you he only uses a chain saw on trees! LOL! I agree that this is not the time to cut back Forsythia. They are getting ready to bloom. I'm not sure about hydrangeas. My husband knows more about this stuff than I do. Don't despair though. They will all come back. My husband reassures me every time he prunes ours!

NanaDiana said...

Who the heck cut them down? What did I miss? xo Diana

a view from a brown dog said...

Hi Missy, Such a strange way to "trim" I'm sorry. What a loss. Mother Nature is giving, I hope they will all grow back quickly for you and once done the birds will return I'm sure of it.

Annmarie Pipa said...

oh no! they will come back!

Jody in Georgia said...

I am weeping with the cherry tree! I think a strongly worded letter to the HOA or whoever did this needs to be sent ASAP. Sounds like some dumdums run that agency!!

Beulah said...

So sorry, Missy.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh no! Hopefully, they will grow back just fine, Missy. I know there are some plants that do very well with a hard pruning like that. I was very anxious about hydrangeas I just planted last May. They came around and cut them but I'm hoping it will help them grow stronger.