Friday, March 1, 2013


I am fortunate enough to have three "boxes" that belonged to my fraternal grandmother.
Amazingly, all of them are in their 6th generation.
( Two before me, me and the three after me ). 

This was her writing desk.

Drawers, silver topped ink wells, a place for pens..perhaps Quill??

The felt has been replaced on the writing surface.

The drawer houses letters from 1917and WWI when my grandfather was in the medical corps. There is a letter  appointing him to be "in charge of the department of Ophthalmology
 at the base hospital, in connection with 
Camp Jackson, Columbia , South Carolina.
There are a lot of personal letters in there as well.  

I love that as you open and close the drawer, the roll top opens and closes accordingly.

I think  this one is the prettiest and I use it as a jewelry box of sorts.

The tray lifts out exposing more storage.
I don't know what it was originally used for.

This one has my grandmothers initials on it
 and has the most condition issues.

The feet are wobbly and there is little wood for screws to adhere to.

The top still has stuff that I packed in there when I moved...
Not too exciting...But...

The drawer (once I managed to get it open ) 
has lots of very old  treasures in it.

An old punch, letter opener, pen knives, compass, wax seal, scalpel, and several razor sharpening stones..
These things vary in age as I'm sure things have been added
 by each generation through the years.

I spent over a half an hour trying to open the drawer..
several weeks ago I put a screw into one of the feet that was totally off the chest.
The screw went in to the bottom of the drawer
 just enough to keep it from opening ...
At first I thought that something had jammed  it shut
 during the move..
Nope, silly me..I did it.


Beverly said...

Beautiful boxes.....especially the writing desk...what a treasure!!! I have told Hubbs several times that I need a compass to draw circles! And everyone needs to have a spare scalpel around!! Great!! What is in the little snapped pouch?

Jody in Georgia said...

What a great peek into your family history! My favorite is the writing beautiful!

Lynne said...

Loved this Missy. They each have a charm but the writing desk warmed my heart. Loved it!

Antique Roadhouse maybe . . . but bet you will never part with any of them. Might be fun to know their monetary worth . . . even though the worth you place on them would be even more.