Monday, March 25, 2013


We are very fortunate here to have 
"state of the art" exercise facilities.

The pool is beautiful and I often have it to myself.
They keep it a little warm for my taste. 
It's hard to exercise very long in water that is over 86 degrees.
 It zaps your energy very fast.

Yesterday people were complaining because it was 84..
I loved it.
I have joined a group that plays Volleyball twice a week.
We play for an hour..usually 3-4- games..It's fun.

I don't complain when it's warm..
I'm in the minority for sure.

Two afternoons a week for an hour and a half there is  volley ball .

These pictures were taken before everyone got there.
Usually there are ten to twelve of us.
The life guards often join us and we play three or four games.
Lots of fun..Lots of laughs.

This is the gym.....

There are personal trainers that keep an eye on you.
I've been threatened with a phone call if I don't show up regularly.

I don't like gyms..I usually end up getting hurt..
Usually a knee. I should stay away from this one.
I'll vote for the pool any day.


Beverly said...

It is wonderful to have such a nice, new facility so close to your home!! Glad to see you are using it!

Stephanie said...

State of the art indeed! How wonderful & I'm with you, the warmer the water the better lol x

Beulah said...

I'm impressed. Sounds wonderful!!

NanaDiana said...

What a great looking facility. They say water exercises are some of the best you can do-xo Diana

Lynne said...

Great gym and pool! Be careful, don't want you to get hurt. Maybe volleyball is your game . . .

Jody in Georgia said...

What a wonderful pool and 86 degrees sounds perfect to me! That gym looks treacherous to me! LOL. I'd stick with the pool any day!