Friday, March 8, 2013


This morning when "we" got up you could hear them.

The crows are back..A sea of black.

"What's going on out there  Mom ?"

Between the noise of the crows and the snow plows..Snow plows!!
We had almost no snow
 and they've been up and down the street four times .

They've been pushing the slush around.

  I was going through my hundreds of photos in Picasa.
A walk down memory lane if you will.

This is the original "Mollie". What a cutie.
I got both of them at the same time almost 5 years ago.

I had picked out the one in my left hand who was to be "Snickers".
I had to wait ten days to pick her up
because she needed her last puppy shots.
When I went to get her, I just couldn't resist the little B/W one.
She became " Mollie".
Long story..short.
She was a brat..peed in her crate after she had been outside,
 and barked constantly.
Two weeks of training proved them both to be very smart 
but the attitude and barking of "Miss Mollie" proved too much.
I gave her away and changed "Snickers" to "Mollie" because that's all she had heard for two weeks.
"No Mollie..Don't do that Mollie..Bad Mollie".
All's well that ends well...
I just hope Mollie #1 is happy and healthy.
She was adorable but so bad.  


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! I think you did the right thing with the first Mollie though. I gave away a cat once that didn't prove to be a good fit for our family either. It was the best thing I ever did. Life isn't worth a ton of unnecessary stress. I remember telling my husband that if we kept the cat, our lives could be ruined for the next 17 or more years (however long cats live). LOL!

NanaDiana said...

I think sometimes we just have to make some hard decisions. We had a "bad cat" that my friend wanted to take. The cat did not work out there either. However, she worked for the animal shelter and the cat became the mascot-he was beautiful but bad to the bone. Love your sweet puppy- xo Diana

Lynne said...

What brings the crows? They are NOISY!

Just think if "Snickers" had been a keeper we would have been "snicker moms" together. Our Snickers coloring was much like your "left and babe!"

Puppies are so darn cute . . . I have to keep my distance to prevent getting addicted! Smile . . .

Enjoy a sunny weekend Missy!

Anonymous said...

Ann Chance poor rejected puppy!

Missy George said...

Thanks for making me feel bad, Ann.

Karen Bates said...

That had to be a difficult decision but for the best. Your Mollie is a doll.

We keep getting skiffs of snow also. But the sun is out today...YAY!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Some pups can totally try the patience. They certainly all have different personalities, ours sure do! Love your Mollie and can see why she was the one you kept.

Patricia said...

We have crows nesting here again this year. I don't think they're using the nest they built last year. I don't even know if they reuse their nests, or even if it's the same pair of crows. Plus, I wonder if they mate for life.

Patricia said...

Oh, and snow?! Lucky you. They're forecasting high eighties later this week... uugghhh.