Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My sister and her husband have birthdays  in January
that we usually add to Christmas
 because they go South for the winter.

My husbands family and I have March birthdays.

decided to have the " March babies " for dinner.

A big step for me ( or so I thought ), since it has been a long time since I've done any serious cooking.
But, no worry, everything turned out the way it was supposed to
 and I had a good time in spite of myself.

My ex next door neighbor made this beautiful cake
that tasted as good as it looks.

My " house warming " gnome.....
Isn't he cute ??

This was going on while we were having dinner..
I had some concern about their journey home.

Think Spring!!

Today has turned out to be bright and sunny 
and all this white has gone.
Let's keep our fingers crossed.


Lynne said...

Your table, foods and cake looked like "yum" . . . Happy March Birthday celebration to you and the others.

The snows keep flying, settling, piling around here. No white one day and melt the next for me. I am remembering my lament from a snowless December and January and have decided the current conditions will push me into late April before I will be cleaning/digging in the gardens. Like it has often been said . . . "it is what it is!"

And what is the secret on the cake color and design?

NanaDiana said...

Missy- Your dinner looks wonderful and that cake is beautiful. We have the same weather here- UGH- xo Diana

Jody in Georgia said...

Such beauty inside the house and out! We didn't get any snow this year at all so I enjoy looking at your pictures. Things are really blooming around here. Latest are the Bradford Pear trees which are in full blossom right now.

Kelly said...

Well Happy Birthday to you! I think the food you cooked looked delicious and the cake was beautiful. That was so nice of your ex-neighbor (now friend) to make that for you. She's quite a baker! Glad that you're finally getting a break from the snow.