Monday, March 11, 2013


This past weekend my sister and her husband 
were supposed to come for a visit.
Since they had just spent three days driving back from Alabama,
I decided to  go there..(West Virginia).

( Old picture )

We had lunch at the club house overlooking the eighteenth hole..
It's starting to green up a little.

 One of the two outdoor pools just waiting
 for the onslaught of summer .

The first hole of the smaller course.
Wouldn't it make a great sledding hole??

This  Chapel  is where my sister and her husband
plan to be buried..

There are plenty of these around..
They are headed for one of the lakes.. 

This is the old clubhouse.
It used to have a nice restaurant and Pub.
The economy made it necessary to close it.
There used to be meetings and conventions that used this facility.

Another empty pool ...

with it's adjacent lake.

Mmmmm...time for dinner.
Get the grille going , Joe.

It looks like we have some dinner guests.

It was yummy...

 Mollie didn't join us for dinner..she's pooped.
She hasn't done anything but she missed her naps.

This is their view of the first hole of the smaller course
from their back decks. Of course it can't be seen through the
leaves in the summer time.
Once in awhile you hear  "Oh sh--"  darn. 

Joe was going to try to have a vegetable garden several years ago.
Too much shade and too many deer.

Thanks Ann and Joe for a fun weekend.You're too good to me.
Love ya !! 




NanaDiana said...

Oh what a pretty place to visit, Missy. It is beautiful there and that little church and graveyard are just so pleasantly peaceful I can see why they would want to be buried there.
Poor Mollie! She looks exhausted. xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place to live and certainly a wonderful place to visit. Happy your family treated you to a great visit.

Kelly said...

That looks like a great place to live! It reminds me of Big Canoe here in GA. It's a wooded private community with golf, lakes etc. Very nice!! I know you must've really enjoyed your visit there.

Jody in Georgia said...

Oh, what a lovely place. It looks like such a serene and peaceful area and I loved the little white church. You can't help having a good time!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Aren't sisters great?