Wednesday, April 24, 2013


When we first got Max eleven years ago,
 he would only drink from a dripping faucet.

Besides being inconvenient, it was a real problem when we went away. We had another cat at the time that drank out of a dish.

Not Max !!
 I could tell that he didn't because he splashes water
 all over the place.

I finally got him to drink from an electric Kitty fountain.
After a while, that wasn't good enough.
Now, for whatever reason, he drinks from a dish.
He loves fresh water and would drink every five minutes
if I changed it that often.
But from time to time, as you can see,  he reverts back to his old habit. 


Beverly said...

He might be the most handsome cat ever!!!

Patricia said...

Max knows dripping fresh water tastes best, and besides it's more fun.

JC said...

First, he is just so cute.

I have a Snowshoe Siamese who loves fresh drip water. Both my sinks upstairs have a very slow drip going. when we get pet sitters, it's in the directions to check the drip.

We have several normal water dishes too which get changed every day. Wouldn't want a fur or two in them now would we.

My gang didn't like the fountain type water dishes, they just made a mess with it.

I have one cat, Big Al, who uses his paw to cup the water while he drinks. I figure he's a prince who just got lost and found me. lol

JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

thistlewoodfarm said...

I'm with Max! I like to drink from a water faucet, too!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Kelly said...

He's really beautiful! Cats can be peculiar. At least he's trying new things to drink from though.

NanaDiana said...

He is just gorgeous! We had a cat that would jump up and nudge the handle on the faucet until it turned the water on. It used to scare me that he would do it and the drain would be stoppered and it would run all over everywhere. He was so smart...and I can see your boy is smart, too- xo Diana

Lynne said...

Love the look of a snugglin' Max . . . Funny habits our pets sometimes revert to . . .

Jody in Georgia said...

Well, Max is no dumb bunny! He's a water connoisseur! Anyone as beautiful as he has a right to demand fresh water!!

dan said...

Smart boy your Max. I had never seen a cat drinking that way!

Beulah said...

Too cute! :)