Monday, April 29, 2013


Mollie is fortunate
 in that she has several interesting places to walk. 
This is one of the two choices.
We walk this macadam path up to the apartments you see in the background and around the far side of the ball field and back every morning.

From there we go back along the same path
 past the old farmhouse to our cottage .
Rumor has it that this will be torn down to build condo's.

These paths are township owned and managed.
They run behind our neighborhood,
 along a cornfield lined with pine trees and in to the next neighborhood.
(our other choice of a walk)
I usually do that one when it's very windy.
 It's more protected than the ball field 
 and the distances are about the same. 
We are never at a lack for exercise.



Beverly said...

Ah....our old stomping ground (at least for a while!) Molly is lucky to have you walk her every day like that....dogs love routine!

dan said...

Exercise is good for healt and you have such beautiful surroundings for walkings! I can imagine the joy of Molly!

thistlewoodfarm said...

Oh....I hope it doesn't get torn down to build condos. How sad. :(


Kelly said...

Looks like you have some great walking paths around you! Too bad that the cute farmhouse may be torn down.

Patricia said...

Oh, I'd rather see the farmhouse any day rather than condos. What a blessing that your walking paths seem fairly flat. I bet Molly loves the walks.