Friday, April 26, 2013


 Recently I made a trip to my favorite place to run away to..
Beehaven Acres.
Things never stand still there so there is always something new to see or experience.. 

This is the new picnic pavilion 
 for use by family, friends and farm visitors.

This edifice is also for use by family, friends and farm visitors.
Isn't it cute??

Bev, aka "The Beehaven maven", made this adorable bunny fence.
I was happy to be able to help her finish it off.
( I held it while she attached the posts.)

She thought maybe it would make a cute headboard..
What do you think??

Then we have the new chicks that are growing taller every day.

Last but not least there are Missy's new kids..
I can't remember their names..Grace and Allen ??
Still a little shy and Missy is very protective.

Since then there have been several more new things at the farm.
I'll save them for next time..
I wouldn't want to " steal anyone's thunder" :)

                                 Have a beautiful day.


Patricia said...

I always enjoy the posts about your visits to Bev's. I'm probably a farm girl at heart..

Kelly said...

I can see why you enjoy visiting that farm. It's so nice and relaxing looking (even though there's always work to do there). The little fluffy chicks and goats are so cute. I do think that bunny fence would make a cute headboard!

Jody in Georgia said...

Love the visit to the farm! It's rather an "enchanted" place for us visitors! We can enjoy the wonder of all Bev's work! I think the bunny headboard is just charming!

Lynne said...

The Bee Haven Acres is a mighty fine place to visit blog wise. In person, what a treat it must be.
Love the last two photos . . . Almost looks like the one baby is standing on the other . .

dan said...

Beehavens Acres in a nice place to spend a day, but I have to confess I don't exactly know where it is...the pavilion is a very good idea and the small edifice is cute indeed, what is it for?
Many kisses to the two kids!

Stephanie said...

I love that cute bunny fence, would be great as a headboard!