Monday, April 15, 2013


 When I got up this morning,
 I had no idea what I was going to do or what the day would bring.

Having no patience and several hours to kill 
before the Masters came on, 
I loaded Mollie in to the car and headed out to Lowes
 and Home Depot to see if they had any geraniums yet.

I know.."It's a little early"....
I didn't get that much and it's easy enough to put them in the garage at night if need be. (Until I plant them, that is).

When I got home, I had two messages. 
The first was from the man that bought my house asking if I could help get the pond up and running.

I went over and hooked up the pump and filter.
It should have been done a month ago
 but will clear up in a few days.

They told me that "my duck" had left and her eggs were gone.
Not so..She flew out of there when I went to look at her nest..
She'll be back ..She's been nesting there eight years.
Same duck?? "Quackers".


The second message was from Bev and so very sad.
They had to put Sadie down today.
She was unable to walk.
 She was nine and a very special dog to me.
We bonded when she was very young.
I  had kept her while her family was on vacation.
That bond continued throughout her nine years.
She will be missed at Beehaven Acres and certainly by me. 
I wouldn't  trade their love for the world but 
losing them is just so, so hard. 

You were a very sweet girl and I loved you..
even though you weren't terribly fond of Mollie.

I know you're at peace in doggie heaven.
Thanks for your love...
To Bev,  Hubs,  Maddie and "the boys " ....
You gave her a wonderful life..So sorry for your loss.


Beverly said...

I thought maybe I could get through the day without tears. ....and then I read your blog post.

thistlewoodfarm said...

Oh sweet friend....I know she was an amazing dog. Losing a precious friend like that is so hard.


dan said...

Your post is touching and sweet. I can understand your feelings. And I'm so sorry. ( I always say to my husband:if the old Bangio is good I am good too )

Lynne said...

I love the picture of "Quackers" . . . quite a few eggs! It was nice of your home owners to phone you for some help with the pond.

The sad news today was the death of Sadie. I thought about her all day long and of course, her "people family." I agree, we love our pets so much and when we lose them it is so devastating.

Kelly said...

So sorry about Sadie. She wasn't very old! I bet it was fun to revisit your pond and see your duck and her eggs. I don't know many people that have a wild animal that becomes like a pet to them through the years. That's really wonderful!

Jody in Georgia said...

The flowers say spring is coming! And so does Quackers and her eggs.
So very sorry to hear about Sadie. I rescued an old dog last year whom I named Sadie and each day I wonder how long I'll have her. It is so hard to lose one of our furkids.

Beulah said...

So sorry for your dog friend, Sadie. We miss you in this neighborhood. Ruth said she hasn't seen you since you moved. Stop by sometime. I'm home now.