Wednesday, May 1, 2013


This past weekend I attended the last of a four part
"Pops Concert Series"
presented by the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra,
conducted by Stewart Malina.
It was made up of themes from the Star Wars, Alien
and Space Odyssey movies.

The local 501st Legion were there in their HANDMADE costumes.
Truly amazing.
Above you see Darth Vader with a Storm Trooper in the background.
Jawa  was seen sneaking through the audience.

Chewbacca was my favorite..
He was probably at least eight feet tall.

Don't you just love that face ?? So sweet...

You can see C3PO next to the Cellist.

The Legion does a lot of benefits involving kids.
The music was wonderful.
It included a lot of movie themes form the above mentioned movies
                        ET, Cocoon, Avatar and Back To The Future.
Scores by the likes of Strauss, Horner, Goldsmith and of course
John Williams.  


Beverly said...

You like Chewbacca because he looks a little like Mollie!!!!

Lynne said...

I am sure you enjoyed the symphony . . . fabulous costume look a likes . . .

Jody in Georgia said...

Wow! these costumes are amazing! As a fan of the original Star Trek, I would have loved hearing the music as well as seeing this amazing group of characters! Thanks for sharing!

dan said...

Great costumes. Pop music is my favourite. I remember allthe movies you named! (and that reveal my age!! )

Diane said...

Too cool!!