Monday, May 13, 2013


I was grilling Mollies chicken the other day
 and  I noticed that the flame was low and I could smell gas.
( Mollie eats chicken sprinkled with dog food
 so I grill 6 boneless , skinless breasts at a time and freeze them).

 This was not a particularly comfortable position..
Something was leaking and it wasn't at the tank.
So..I ordered a new grille.. 
I know this grille looks good but it's eight years
 old and has had its share of patchwork.

I decided to dedicate Mothers Day afternoon to putting it together.

I gave Mollie a shin bone and she kept me company for a little while but decided she'd rather go inside.

Four hours later and an aching back..Voila !!!
I couldn't get a ceramic cooking surface in this sized grill.

Its cooking surface is larger than my old one..
The grille looks hard to clean and it's not as sturdy.
I'm sure it will suffice for the time being.
It's pretty  and  IT WORKS !!!
I should probably try to tighten some bolts up...maybe tomorrow.


Beverly said...

Good job!!! Your mother's day was better than mine!!

Lynne said...

What brand is it? I have a request out for a new grill . . . Achy bones getting down under attaching this and that. Yippee, Happy Mom's Day!

Snickers and Mollie are treated to the same lunch! (although Snickers vet wants her to have less chicken in the future)

If our freezing temperatures are coming from the East . . . could you start warming things up?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Pretty snazzy!

dan said...

You have bought a great grill, and Molly will have a delicious chicken. My old Bangio would be happy to be there!!

Kelly said...

Well look at you putting together a grill all by yourself! I'm impressed. That looks like a nice one. I'm sure Mollie must be grateful for it too!