Friday, May 31, 2013


Life sometimes gets a little confusing for Max...
Poor Max.
Several days ago, after cleaning out his littler box,
I put the lid on backwards so the opening was up against the desk.

Of course, I didn't do this on purpose.
He was denied access to his potty for twelve hours !!!
How would you feel?? What would you do ??
He just held it and was very relieved, (literally),
when things got turned around the right way that evening.

 Ah, much better...

When I was at a garden center the other day
 these were at the check out.
BM (before Mollie) these were all over the house, stuffed everywhere.
I got rid of them because I was afraid Mollie would choke on them.
I thought Max deserved a treat so I bought one.
He batted it all over the house until Mollie realized what he had.
Of course she put an end to the fun.
"No playing in this house unless I'm included."
I'll get it out the next time Mollie is at the groomers.


Lynne said...

Ahhhh, "the kids" and their quirks and such . . .

Diane said...

Too funny about the litter box. I doubt your kitty saw the humor however.

Ashley Rane Sparks said...

That's hilarious! That would so be something I would do!
Ashley Rane Sparks

NanaDiana said...

LOL- I love the interaction between the fur kids! xo Diana

dan said...

Poor little Max! He seems to have had a bad day... nice, nice post. It is so funny!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Max didn't climb into the box anyway. He's a cat! Ann

Beulah said...

That made me smile!!!