Friday, June 28, 2013


Just ask Mollie..

She has spent most evenings this week in the closet.
She senses thunderstorms long before they happen.
The only problem with that is that until tonight
 we've only had a few drops of rain.

We have just made up for it (2 1/2 inches) and still
we were only on the outskirts. Guess we can be glad of that.
 there was a good reason for her to be in the closet for two hours and have a very late supper. 
Excuse the reflection of my blinds..
My storm door was acting as a rear view mirror
 so you see blinds reflected across the street...Oops!
Guess I should have added music as well..never did that.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I remember long ago..(yup , I do),
when one did the wash and then hung it out on a clothes line to dry.
I have never done that in my adult life and know people
who frown on those who do.
On my walks around the neighborhood with Mollie,
I have seen lots of wash hanging out here and there.
Several days ago, I found a hole out back for a clothes line pole.
It's actually behind my neighbors garage near my side.
There are no property boundaries here but I thought
it would be polite if  I asked him if he minded if I used it.
As I suspected, he didn't even know it was there.

Ta Da !!!
He had one condition.."No unmentionables".
I think he was joking ?

Do you see any ?? I hid them...
Now I guess I need a clothes pin bag.
Do you think that its' being under a tree could be a problem?

So, dear dryer, you can take some time off.
My washer doesn't spin very dry.
My dryer takes forever and is very noisy 
so I thought I'd try the old fashioned way.
I'm not going down to the creek with a wash board.
Enjoy your day.

Monday, June 24, 2013


This past weekend,
we were treated to a "super moon".
A perigee full moon...

It was very bright...30% brighter and 14%  bigger due to it's proximity and alignment with the earth.

I took some shots with both of my cameras..

Through windows...

and from outside in my driveway..
I was hoping that it would clear up but it never did.
Maybe I'll have better luck in August when 
"Super moon" returns.

I just thought I'd add a little color to this post.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


 I was cleaning the other day and it occurred to me
 that I have more than my share of roosters.

 I don't really have a "thing"  for roosters, really.
Over the years these have caught my eye for one reason or another.

Maybe it was their color, their attitude or just the mood I was in.

 My husband had a collection of old, pint sized milk bottles
most of which were filled with marbles.
This rooster houses what's left of those marbles.

 I saw this print in a gift shop and "had to have it".

So as you can see there are roosters pretty much everywhere
except my bedroom.
There are no roosters there.

 Only pigs...but cute , wealthy pigs...Ha!

 You see, they are piggy banks...

Monday, June 17, 2013


You may remember my June 5th post.
( I'm sure you do) 

 It was about Mollies play date and  flowers
 my ex neighbor had made from a sugar paste or gum paste.
Several of you asked to see the finished product.

Here is her FAKE "test cake".
Seems like a lot of work but "practice makes perfect"
and that's what she wants it to be.
I guess we still have to wait for the " finished product".
Nice work , Deb. It's beautiful.

Friday, June 14, 2013


I was playing with my camera yesterday 
while  waiting for a friend  to come do some repairs
on a very old gate leg table I have had for many years.
It has been moved more times than I can count.
That, and age, 
have caused it to have considerable side to side movement.   

This table is three generations old and I love it because it takes up no space but opens up to a fairly large usable area.

I have a friend here whose husband does wonders with wood.
He used to make grandfathers clocks.
I asked him if it could be re glued.
He used a wood glue similar to super glue and it no longer moves.
He didn't want to take it apart so we just "oozed" the glue
in to the cracks. 

I honestly  can't remember when it didn't rock back and forth.

Good as new..amazing.

While we were manipulating the table, this piece fell off.
I wondered why it was beveled on the bottom.
Jim thinks it was made that way so one could get to the screws
if need be. Clever.....

Have a wonderful day....

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I'm not known as one who puts things off
even if I say I'm going to.
I told several people that I was going to take my time
filling in the spaces in my garden with perennials.
Well, I did take two days !!
This morning I was faced with housework or 
playing in the dirt and just guess what won.

I went to the local "nursery"  and found many things on sale.
These poor little Crepe Myrtles were $10.00..
sadly in need of a good home.
They are "Dwarfs" and the same species and color.

The Lavender was 20% off..I got two.

The cone flowers were also 20% off
 and I picked up two at the grocery store for $5.00.
There's a Shasta Daisy in the mix as well. 
All of a sudden I thought...
"I'm going to have to plant all of these things".

The Crepe Myrtles missed the photo.
 I planted them together in front of the hose.
Wouldn't it be fun if they weren't the same?

I was going to take my time planting until
 I heard that it was going to rain for the next three days.
(It didn't).
I don't know what "take your time means".
It always has to be done yesterday.
I'll use those rainy days to clean.
(I didn't).

Monday, June 10, 2013


I moved here in late October..
a little late in the season to plant the promised shrubs. 

The back and the one side of my "cottage"  had no plantings.

So at 8 AM Thursday morning,
"Maureen " arrived with shovel in hand
 and spent almost the entire day, (til 2PM)
beautifying my space.

She's one of those little itty bitty things 
with boundless energy and strength.
And she's nice to boot...

 She planted 13 plants and moved 2...

Here you see..
The old weeping cherry, 2 Peony shrubs,
 2 Heavenly Bamboo, 
2 Red Twig Dogwood, and 2 Winterberries.
They should be very pretty in the fall..lots of red.

Mollie spent most of the day under a tree supervising.
I spray painted the downspout extension to make it less obvious.

On the shady side of the house there are....
2 White Rhododendrons, 2 Endless Summer Hydrangeas with an Oak Leaf Hydrangea in the center.
On the left corner is a Hinoki Cypress.
There is still a Pieris to be planted out front 
after the two Hollies are taken out.

Some of these plants will need some annual "tweaking" 
with the pruning shears once they are established.
(Right up my alley).
Thanks Maureen and BV..Big improvement.

To be continued.....

Friday, June 7, 2013


This is a " Heavenly Bamboo."
It was supposed to be it's sister " Firepower."

Heavenly Bamboo has an upright growth habit
which is not what I wanted here.

I moved the "Bamboo" to the back of the cottage
 and replaced them with Leucothoe which has a mounding habit.
Ah..Much better.
I'm known for my moving things a lot... (tweaking).
 I guess I'll never change.

Aren't these pretty ?
 I love peonies and there are a lot around the neighborhood.
Long ago ,
 I was led to believe that ants were needed for them to open.
 My grandmother had long rows of them
 and fields of Easter Lilies.
We have lots of ants outdoors here but none on the Peonies.
Maybe it's a new strain but these Peonies are probably pretty old.

I just planted two peony bushes....

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Recently, my old neighborhood held their annual yard sale.
Mollie called up her old pal "Big Mollie" for a play date
and we went over for a visit and a stroll around the neighborhood.  

Mollie and Mollie were very happy to see one another..
It's been months.

"Hmmm, I see my lunch is here."

 "Ya gotta catch me first".
It's hard to get a picture of them together 
because they are always rolling around on each other.
It's a full time job keeping them from getting the leashes tangled.

After  visiting with Mollie, 
we went over to see our "old" next door neighbors.
Their second daughter is getting married
 and Deb has been working on flowers. 

They are made from gum paste or sugar paste.

Don't they look real??

She's always cooking, baking or doing something creative.

I can't wait to see the finished product.