Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I remember long ago..(yup , I do),
when one did the wash and then hung it out on a clothes line to dry.
I have never done that in my adult life and know people
who frown on those who do.
On my walks around the neighborhood with Mollie,
I have seen lots of wash hanging out here and there.
Several days ago, I found a hole out back for a clothes line pole.
It's actually behind my neighbors garage near my side.
There are no property boundaries here but I thought
it would be polite if  I asked him if he minded if I used it.
As I suspected, he didn't even know it was there.

Ta Da !!!
He had one condition.."No unmentionables".
I think he was joking ?

Do you see any ?? I hid them...
Now I guess I need a clothes pin bag.
Do you think that its' being under a tree could be a problem?

So, dear dryer, you can take some time off.
My washer doesn't spin very dry.
My dryer takes forever and is very noisy 
so I thought I'd try the old fashioned way.
I'm not going down to the creek with a wash board.
Enjoy your day.


Beverly Frankeny said...

Cool....good for you!!!

Diane said...

I hang out as much as I can. Can't believe there are subdivions that prohibit that. You're telling me how to dry my clothes?? Anyway, under a tree partially depends on what type of tree. Speaking from experience-- walnuts stink!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Clotheslines are making a big comeback among environmentalists because they don't suck power. You're a trendsetter!