Friday, June 7, 2013


This is a " Heavenly Bamboo."
It was supposed to be it's sister " Firepower."

Heavenly Bamboo has an upright growth habit
which is not what I wanted here.

I moved the "Bamboo" to the back of the cottage
 and replaced them with Leucothoe which has a mounding habit.
Ah..Much better.
I'm known for my moving things a lot... (tweaking).
 I guess I'll never change.

Aren't these pretty ?
 I love peonies and there are a lot around the neighborhood.
Long ago ,
 I was led to believe that ants were needed for them to open.
 My grandmother had long rows of them
 and fields of Easter Lilies.
We have lots of ants outdoors here but none on the Peonies.
Maybe it's a new strain but these Peonies are probably pretty old.

I just planted two peony bushes....


Beverly said...

I love peonies, too. There are always ants on I have to shake them off if i bring the blossoms inside. Ants or no, I still love them!!

Diane said...

Love peonies too! I have two bushes that the ants do crawl around. I was told ants helped them open too-- when I was a kid. Maybe it's an old wives' tale.

thistlewoodfarm said...

Peonies are my fav!!!

They are beautiful!!!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!!!

dan said...

Your peonies are beautiful indeed. I didn't know about ants...
I move things a lot too. ( I often change places of pieces of furniture in my house! )