Monday, June 10, 2013


I moved here in late October..
a little late in the season to plant the promised shrubs. 

The back and the one side of my "cottage"  had no plantings.

So at 8 AM Thursday morning,
"Maureen " arrived with shovel in hand
 and spent almost the entire day, (til 2PM)
beautifying my space.

She's one of those little itty bitty things 
with boundless energy and strength.
And she's nice to boot...

 She planted 13 plants and moved 2...

Here you see..
The old weeping cherry, 2 Peony shrubs,
 2 Heavenly Bamboo, 
2 Red Twig Dogwood, and 2 Winterberries.
They should be very pretty in the fall..lots of red.

Mollie spent most of the day under a tree supervising.
I spray painted the downspout extension to make it less obvious.

On the shady side of the house there are....
2 White Rhododendrons, 2 Endless Summer Hydrangeas with an Oak Leaf Hydrangea in the center.
On the left corner is a Hinoki Cypress.
There is still a Pieris to be planted out front 
after the two Hollies are taken out.

Some of these plants will need some annual "tweaking" 
with the pruning shears once they are established.
(Right up my alley).
Thanks Maureen and BV..Big improvement.

To be continued.....


Beverly said...

Much better!! Now for the tweaking!!!!!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

How great, Missy! I know I felt things looked better around our condo when I got my three hydrangeas in last year. Such an awkward spot to have no plantings {except for one lone hosta}. Still want to get a rose bush in, but I'm hoping it is not too late {with the heat} to get it in. I'll probably have to baby it like I did the hydrangeas last year.

dan said...

It has been a good job!

Lynne said...

Very, very nice . . . is Maureen for hire?

Kelly said...

You are going to enjoy those new plants! I like that you've got them wrapping around your house.