Monday, July 1, 2013


 When I arrived at the farm on Saturday,
Tyler was already to go swimming in his new duds
that "Gammy" got for him.

He was like a little fish in his life jacket.

Uncle Andy was nearby playing baskets.

Guess who showed up at the pool ?
These turkeys are amazing..
They traveled all the way from the barn to join the party. 
This is the wall along the side of the pool.

After our swim we "gatored" down to the pavilion to partake in some smoked chicken that Andy had made in the smoker.
The skin was like jerky and the chicken was wonderful.

 Bev made an orzo salad and stir fried some beans from the garden.

Tyler had PBJ...he doesn't know what's good.

 After stuffing ourselves, we visited some of the animals and admired Bevs flowers.

Tyler is getting big and trying to do big boy things now.
Aunt Amanda and "Gammy" keep close watch.

"Oakie" and the turkeys are keeping an eye on Jack..aka "Muppy".

Bev's shed and Fairy garden ...

Tyler had to show me "his house"..It has a loft !!

Jack made this flower box for Bev..and she worked her magic..

Bobby still resides in the garage..
making himself comfortable on the back of a 4x4.
It was a fun day..
They work hard and have  a wonderful life.
I'm so happy for them.
PS...My visit was topped off
 with a visit to the local ice cream parlor..Yum!


NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful family day, Missy. What a beautiful family you have there! You can tell they live a happy life and what more could we ask for them- xo Diana

marejohn said...

Ooh. Sounds PERFECT!!

Patricia said...

How could you not enjoy your time there with family, the friendly animals, and the gardens. Looks like a fabulous place for family to gather. Tyler will have such wonderful childhood memories.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

*gets up from desk to go get ice cream from the freezer* YUMMO!! Sounds like a delicious time at the farm for the entire family.

Lynne said...

The visits to Bee Haven must be "the best!"
They have it all . . . gorgeous farm, gardens, flowers, animals . . . and a swimming pool too! Happy you are able to enjoy the farm too!

Beulah said...

Nice, nice, nice!!!

dan said...

It's so nice to spend some time with family. You are a big group...( including turkeys, dog and cat! )
It seems like you have had a lovely day...