Monday, July 29, 2013


In Fridays post, I touched on the mosquito problem where I live.
Last week  calls to our maintenance department
 and the DER 
eventually led me to Vector Control. 
They came out that very afternoon and set a 24hr mosquito trap.
They could have used us.
While we were standing outside talking
 three out of five of us had 4-5 mosquitoes on us.
She (vector control ) gave us informational pamphlets
 and the standing water talk.
 I brought up the fact that 90 cottages each have four downspouts with buried black rubber extensions whose ends all point up at the sky when they are coming out of the ground.

( I've kinda been harping  on that since I've been here).
Water lies in there for days..
This would be pretty expensive to correct, I imagine,
 although I've replaced mine and the cottages adjacent to mine.

This is the trap they set.
I'm sorry but I was getting too chewed up
 to stay around for the tutorial.
Something about a sweet solution to attract them 
and a vacuum to collect them .
They are supposed to come back in 24 hours to collect it..
There has to be at least one mosquito in there affected
with West Nile before they even consider spraying.
They will identify the mosquitoes and test them.
(Sounds like grant money to me..some study).
It all has to do with money, politics,
 (they are pooh poohing West Nile as being a problem any more).
Then there's the "green thing"..
Bugs should live....
She recommended that we  spray
 with a eucalyptus/lemon solution that attaches 
to the end of your hose.
I researched it and found that it isn't plant friendly
 and  I'm not too excited 
about killing my shrubs and flowers. 

Today I found out that "Administration"
 has known about the downspout extensions for years 
and has chosen to keep their heads in the sand.
I guess it's a no win situation .
In the meantime...

This works....


Lynne said...

Ahhhhh, the mosquito problem. The thing is, there have always been mosquitoes but now it seems like there are millions of new residents . . . then in years past.

How are we supposed to enjoy our summery days . . .take care of our tomatoes, beets and pumpkins . . . ride our bikes, jump rope, pick the flowers?

Mosquito suits work . . . although they do create a bit of a Martian look for a retirement village, One trap won't solve the problem . . .

We invited our non toxic mosquito man to come and spray! No mosquitoes, plants are thriving . .

NanaDiana said...

I wonder what Einstein decided to bury the rainwater diverters like that? Ours are buried, too, but they go into an underground drain water system. You would think they would have thought ahead to do that. xo Diana

Beverly Frankeny said...

Ah.....there is always a "good" fight to be fought!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I thought you were using the bug suit because you object to chemical control of mosquitoes. But if you want the authorities to spray/fog for skeeters, guess I was wrong. Why don't you just spray yourself with Deep Woods Off? I find it very effective against our Canadian mosquitoes!

Diane said...

Ridiculous! Hope it works out for you.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I hope the DO find West Nile Virus so they will fix this problem for you and the other residents. No one needs the worry of catching West Nile Virus!! Keep the suit on.

Beulah said...

I hope they get the problem fixed!! How about a bat house? :) said...

Someone mentioned Deep woods spray the use. Great if your not allergic to the chemical per say.Like most people are and not good for your lungs to inhale it. The suit is sweat in the summer.

Done that. Like a Suna.

For two weeks I had the M pests in the house. Discovered that they were breeding in my house plants.The plant vines also. Seen them come out one by one and babies as well. So had to throw out plants. Now to catch them. Got a zaper looks like a tennis rack. Can buy them in a local hardware store. You press the button and zap the buzzers.

I also have a clip on which works when I walk about outside. Have been out last week walking and one day this week. I did not have to use the clip on. They are sccares on sunny days. Dont ask in damp days or rain days.

You try anything. This year is a bad time for bugs and mosiqutoes.

Yes West Vile can kill or give one an infection. Does it take someone to die in order for the head moncho's to do something.

All you went through by calling the authorities. Just terrible.

I am heads up with you.

It seems everytime you mention things.

It is the Money situations every time from them.

Anonymous said...

I hope they get the problem fixed!! How about a bat house? :) Beulah

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

We live near water and they dont spray here for mosquitos ever. I asked my hubby to make us bat houses, eat 30% of those mosquitos every night! Anyway, good luck!

dan said...

It seems to be a very serious problem, and so hard to be solved. . .perhaps bats could help. . .