Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This is the front door to my cottage.

I had one way glass put in it 
because one can see right in to the bathroom.
I like the way it reflects but it doesn't work at night..Who knew??
My inner door is always open and nobody can tell.
I never use this door
 because Max could be on the other side waiting to escape and
I wouldn't be able to see him before I opened the door.

So, I always use this door into the garage .
Mollie is usually with me 
and it gives her dirty and wet paws a chance to get clean. 
Mine too...
Maybe I should put a wreath on the siding
 if I can figure out how to attach it..There I go "tweaking" again.


Done !!
I was watering out front and this little guy was rolling a  nut around in my driveway.
I went inside to get my camera thinking
"He'll be gone when I get back".
 He was still in the driveway and pushed his prize behind my planter when he saw me again.

 He wasn't about to give up his treasure.
I hope there's a treasure in your day.


Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Your wreath is the perfect touch and adds to the charm of the bench below it as well. Tweaking is good!

Beverly Frankeny said...

EVery day is a treasure with this weather!!!!

Lynne said...

Nice front door idea . . . do the Hummers like that feeder? Cute little chippy but keep him over at your place . . . they multiply too fast around here and dig holes under and around spoiling all my creating! Perfect spot for the wreath!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Looks very sweet with the wreath!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice wreath!

NanaDiana said...

Good idea with the one way glass---except at night~:( How funny that the squirrel was smart enough to do that! xo Diana

Kelly said...

Looks like a nice side entrance with your wreath hung up now! That's too funny about the nut hiding away.

Beulah said...

You have the best pictures, captions and ideas!!

dan said...

You live in a very beautiful cottage. . .and how nice for me to read your amusing "adventures"!!