Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Several evenings ago it occurred to me 
that I had never taken pictures of our campus
 so I saddled up Mollie, 
grabbed the camera and started out.
Leaving our neighborhood one comes upon the residents garden.

Any of us who may be interested can sign up for a "plot to plant".

Of course one is expected to care for their particular area.

People plant flowers,


Loads of tomatoes,

Lot's of sunflowers too..

I would love to get my hands on some of these cone flowers.

 a lot of this produce seems uncared for and will surely go to waste.

One end of the garden"belongs " to one of my neighbors.
It is evident that she spends a lot of time tending to it.

Water and mulch are provided.

The nice thing is that  the extra produce is donated
 and available to us for a "small contribution ".

Past the garden there is a large grassy area
 known as the "East Lawn".

 It has been set up in preparation for a performance
 given by one of our two local symphonies.
 We are very lucky to have them both.

Our 155 acre campus is divided in to East and West.
The West side is newer with construction beginning with the apartments in 2000.

The "West" houses skilled care and assisted living facilities
( seen to the far left )  that were added in 2003.
Cottages and Estate Homes were added in 2008.
(no pictures..too far to walk).
The West also has our formal dining room, Cafe, Fitness Center, Pool, Pharmacy, Post office, Computer Room, Health Clinic
and many other amenities.
I  jokingly call the highway in the picture
"The Great Divide".

 The East Campus is where it all began.

This part of the building will soon undergo a multimillion dollar renovation with a large community room.

 "Bethany Court"  ( apartments ) opened in 1992.

This wing houses the Bank, Post office, Wood working shop,
 Beauty shop. Maintenance,Library, Kitchen
 and things I probably don't know about yet.
I think this was the original facility  that included
 a partial care wing and Health Clinic.

Administration lives here now.

Leaving that area one passes the garages and maintenance department before coming to our Disc Golf area.

Now we are entering the East Cottage neighborhood.
The East Cottages were approved in 1967 starting with fifteen.
Ten years later eighty additional cottages were added.
This is my back yard.
Any one for lawn bowling??

     Well, we're almost home and it will be dark soon.
I hope you enjoyed your visit.


Beverly Frankeny said...

It really is a beautiful place!

Lynne said...

Pleasant area and concept . . . thank you for the visit!

linda eller said...

Your campus is beautiful. I would love to live somewhere like that especially if I lived alone. Thanks for sharing.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Tell the truth now! Didn't you go home with just a FEW of those nice ripe tomatoes?

Junebug said...

Looks like a great area!!! Lots of amenities close by. And you don't have to mow the lawn. I love my garden but a secret, I hate mowing the grass. There it is out! I feel better, so here's hoping you have a great day!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Pretty place to live and walk - I would want to cut some of those flowers too :-) said...

Beautiful Place. We have these garden plots also and one around here. Great for people.

My parents died in a place a nursing home at 95 ans 96 old.

Called "Bethany Lodge"

Susie said...

Missy, Where you live is pretty. All the nice lawns ans flowerbeds. I do love how well everyone is taking care of the veggie gardens.xoxo,Susie
p.s. I have been through Pa. and seen so many nice Amish farms.:)

Katie Clooney said...

Beautiful place to live!!!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Your home looks like a village within a village. That garden looks wonderful and I bet Mollie enjoyed the walk.

dan said...

I find your post very interesting. Your neighborhoob is a very nice place! Everything is clean and tidy. Gardens for residents? What a nice idea!