Monday, September 23, 2013


              When I moved in to the East Cottages a year ago ,
 I was impressed by the beauty of the grounds, the old  flowering trees, the lush Hydrangeas, azaleas and Rhododendrons,  fragrant pines , and all and all, a very pretty neighborhood.

It takes many years to develop this landscaping.
Soon after my arrival, we contracted  with an outside "landscaping" service.
Since then there has been 
mindless  "pruning" of all things beautiful.
It all started early last spring. I refer you to my "tongue in cheek"
blog posts at that time.

Well my friends, it is no longer tongue in cheek..
It's serious.
I'm going to enclose some recent photos of the obvious ,
(SOME PERMANENT), damage that has been done 
to our beautiful community.

Junipers pruned like this generally stay like this.

Over half of the  foliage has been removed from these Dogwoods..

This dead limb has been hanging here forever.
Nobody sees it?

This one is hanging over a driveway..
The leaves are just beginning to die..I've reported it twice.
It could do some serious damage or bodily harm.
Again..Nobody sees it??

A four year old could do better than this...
They need some instruction when it comes to pruning pines.
DON'T..or remove the entire limb if it's dead.

Cutting the tips off of dead branches??
 Why not just cut off the branch??

There's a dead branch hanging down here..Why not remove it??

All these branches are dead..Why cut off the tips ??
Dumb looking.

This is the saddest example yet..
This was a beautiful tree.

Whittled down at the bottom for the mowers..

This will never grow back.
It seems that most of the "pruning" is done 
Pruned severely five feet above the ground with the tops left to balloon out. UGLY
Why not bring the edges out 
instead of ruining all of these evergreens ?

There are lots of these skid marks around 
leaving areas without grass..LOTS
Maybe they should go a little slower??
These are ALL around my cottage.

The grass edging is done so short
 that we have white fringes everywhere..
The edges are dead.

All of these photographs were taken walking around the perimeter.
There are 4-5 other streets.
All of this damage has taken less than a year.
We have three more to go.
We may be saving money but at what price??
What good are flowering shrubs that don't flower any more?

They do an amazing job distributing tan bark 
and collecting leaves but when it comes to pruning they swarm the area with their electric trimmers and chain saws having NO IDEA
what they are cutting or when or even how to do it.
 They don't look, they just cut.
(limbs are cut off correctly on hardwoods)
Maybe do one street at a time 
with SUPERVISION by someone who knows better. 
I know "time is money"..."Get it done and on to the next job".
We are suffering the consequences.

I walk my dog around here four times a day and this is what I see.
It makes me want to cry.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Can you not switch landscaping services? Or is that decision not your community's to make?

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

What a horrible job they are doing. Who in hell hired this company??

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Sad.....looks like the work of in-experienced landscapers. It is too bad that $$$ seems to get in the way of progress or not so much progress.

Lynne said...

Time for a new landscaping service. Take your photos to the "persons to be" and let them know you have created a post informing your followers of the disastrous service. Show them your post. I think it will get someone's attention!

NanaDiana said...

How very disappointing, Missy. You wonder how people like that continue to get jobs when they do such shoddy work. It's AWFUL and you are right- there is no FIX to that work- xo Diana

Jody in Georgia said...

I hope you showed these pictures to the people who hired this idiot company! Desecration of God's beauty!!
Sounds like the same "family" took over the pond, too!

Diane said...

How awful! No one else complains?? That company should not be getting paid.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

There must be something that can be done, Missy! You all should have to be putting up with this destructive landscape maintenance. I'm sure there must be a clause in the contract that can end it with them over something like this or complaints not being addressed. It is a shame. I'm glad they do a pretty good job here. They even skip cutting a week when it was so hot and humid.