Friday, October 11, 2013


This post is a little collection of things
 that aren't really eligible for a post of their own.

I've always been intrigued by the architectural design
that one sees in a spiders web.


Mollie and the bunny were having a stand-off..

The bunny moved first.


My latest "Tweak".

(Winter berry) 

This squirrel "owns " this tree
 and can often be seen sitting on this limb.
He was sitting like this for at least fifteen minutes.
I thought he was asleep. Do they sleep with their eyes open?
I was only four feet away and he didn't budge. 
Just to confuse him,
I moved the feeders into the tree.
He hasn't quite figured out how to approach them yet.
Never fear, he'll figure it out.


Playing with Pic Monkey.

Have a great weekend.


Diane said...

Hope you have a nice weekend too! Nice pictures!

Kelly said...

I have some spider webs in my windows that look like little hammocks. I've cleaned them out only to find them rebuilt the next day. Apparently the spiders hang out in the grooves of the window trim (where they slide up and down) and wait for their prey. Wish they would just move on elsewhere. Your spider webs could be used as Halloween decorations this time of year! LOL! Squirrels will stop at nothing to get what they want. That one in the pic just proves that.

dan said...

Spider webs are beautiful and when it frosts they become wonderful works of art!
The bunny is so sweet! Just as the squirrel...

Susie said...

Missy, When I see so many webs , I think omg, spiders out number us. Yikes. I like the pictures very much. Hope your weekend was agood one. xoxo,Susie

20 North Ora said...

Love the bunny photo!

I am your newest follower.


Lilasesazuis said...

What beautiful pictures, Missy.

I loved the animals.

The squirrel is a grace!

Love it!


Lígia e =ˆˆ=

Nancy Claeys said...

Isn't it fun to play with Picmonkey? So many possibilities -- love your edits.

Thanks so much for sharing at R5F this week. And Happy Holidays!

Buttons said...

Beautiful Photos. B