Friday, October 18, 2013


 Mollie had a lot of friends that we had to leave behind
 when we moved.
We go back and visit once in awhile.
I know she misses her buddies. She was very social.
She has acquired a few new "friends".

Meet took awhile for him to warm up to Mollie.
She can be a little crazy..always busy.

He has gotten used to her and they make an attempt to play now when they see each other. 

I just love this dog..We run in to her around the ball field.
She's crazier than Mollie..
She's like a fish on the end of a line..jumps a lot..
I love her ears..Look at the long hairs. She's so cute.
Her Daddy has a treat for her so she's being still.
It was very hard to get a picture of her..

This is Val..(another one who won't stand still ).
It took her about 6 months to warm up to my little energizer bunny.
We still get a little lip curl once in awhile.
Val is an old girl whose owner can't walk her more than once a day so she has been walked three times a day by
 "The Pet Nanny" for over a year.
They are a pet sitting service  made up of a  local group of young women who started this very successful business.
They walk your dog for a minimum of  a half hour
for eighteen dollars.

I  used them yesterday...they're great.

"I be still Mom...I'll even pose."


Lilasesazuis said...

The little friends of Mollie are beautiful!

Glad she is sociable.

But beautiful!!

Missy, have a great weekend,


Lígia e =ˆˆ=

Lynne said...

Adorable post . . . love the doggies long hair and perky ears plus the older dog whose owner can only walk once a day.

My first response to a friend that lives near me in the Blog Borough. Back home last night . . .

Diane said...

Cute pics!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Really cute doggie friends that Mollie has. Pet Nanny's that sounds like an interesting job to have. My Kylie loves to go for walks, don't know what we will do when the snow starts to fly and the sidewalks get slippery????

Susie said...

Missy, I guess doggies need pals too. I could tell by the one's face she was aged. They seem sad sometimes. Maybe they are like old humans. Hope you have good weekend. xoxo,Susie

Patricia said...

Oh such cute dogs. That's a perfect way to get acquainted with your neighbors. Have fun and enjoy the weekend.

dan said...

Mollie has very cute friends! They all are nice, but I find Louie a lovable, funny, little dog!

I have been owning my dog for about 14 years now, and in this time I have got acquainted with thousands of people who were taking their dogs for a walk. I think it's so easy to know nice people this way!!

Kelly said...

That's so nice that y'all go back to visit Mollie's friends! That dog walk service sounds like a life saver too. What a great business idea.

must love junk said...

How sweet! :)