Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This post is continued from 11/18/13
I took pictures of "interesting and different " things..
I really couldn't stop to look at anything
 because Mollie was in the car.
I had forgotten how big the place is.

Vintage Dolls...

I thought these old magazines were really cool
until I looked at the dates they were  published.
I was in my late teens..Made me feel old.

Seriously ???

Interesting ship..
I can see Columbus at the helm.
I think his were smaller than this one would be.

We could probably come up with a great story about her.
?? Any ideas ??

I love this face..very intriguing, kinda sad.
There was no information about him.

Old spinning wheels,


Old Victrolas....I'd better be careful how I use the term "OLD".

Would love to see these chairs in a big, window pane plaid..
maybe white with brown

I'm sure you all have a place for this Turkey ?

Thanks for joining me..
I'd like to go back  sometime when Mollie isn't in the car.
I left her too long..
She usually sleeps in her spot in the passenger seat.
She was on the floor on the drivers side still hooked to her seat belt.
Bad Mommy..


Lynne said...

That Antique place has everything. Looks huge . . .. Very high prices too.

Maybe Mollie scooted to the floor because she was tired of people looking in the window and saying,
"Ahhhh, little cutie!"

Beverly Frankeny said...

I think that bust looks like Beethoven. And the statue of the girl looks like she is water skiing!! I need to get there and take a look around. Maybe you wanna meet me???

Diane said...

Very interesting-- that bust looks like Beethoven (?). Like those "old" typewriters.

Susie said...

Missy, That is a lot of interesting stuff. I would love on eof those old typewriters. :):)I love visiting your blog. xoxo,Susie

Anonymous said...

Just today I'm turning to blogs I like to read.

I was sick with the flu. I had to go to hospital take drugs.

Now I'm fine.


What a wonderful store.

I was dating the squirrel. I bought two so for my post of pecan pie.

How many beautiful things!


Lígia e=ˆ.ˆ=