Monday, December 9, 2013


I decided it was time to do something
 about getting ready for Christmas.
Max couldn't wait..."munchies".

It didn't take him long to become a pest.
Besides running out in to the garage every time I opened the door,
 he was chewing on everything.

"Mom's been annoyed with me, I think I'll pout."
Mr Innocence.


Mollie wasn't much better.
There was a box with, among other things,
 her Christmas toys .
She helped herself. 

Even with all the distraction,
I managed to decorate this wreath and the inside of my house.

I first saw this wreath on Laura's blog "Finding Home".
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She showed us how to make it
 and indicated that we could find the wooden discs at Michaels.
When I went to Michaels there were not any larger ones.
I found an Etsy that will make the discs the size that you need them and they also sell the wreaths already made.
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Thankyou Wayne.


NanaDiana said...

I love your wreath, Missy. I have not seen one with the wooden disks before. It is really cute.

Looks like your "helpers" have been helping themselves! It is fun to watch them though and how they react to things, isn't it?

Have a great Monday-it is cold and blowing snow here today- xo Diana

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lovely wreath!

Diane said...

Very pretty wreath. What is it with cats and non-edible stuff? Our old cat would chomp on the ends of the artificial tree branches (never actually ate any).

Beverly Frankeny said...

Love the wreath!! Great job!!!

marejohn said...

How did you ever finish up with all of the extra "help" you had?? Such cute help though! :)

Kelly said...

The wreath you made is so pretty! The wooden discs make it very unique. Hopefully, your animals will not bother your decorations anymore. I know they must be so curious though.

Lynne said...

Oohhhh . . . I like that wood disc wreath!