Friday, December 27, 2013


 The girl that walks Mollie on occasion stopped by yesterday.
She had gifts for Mollie and Max.
Mollie was very appreciative...Max not so much.

You see, Max never is allowed to keep his toys.
He managed to bat this little ball around for a few seconds.
After that, Miss Mollie took over (as usual) .

It would be fun to see them play with it together.
They both put Beckham to shame.
Super paw work.

Eventual centerpiece.

Mr Cardinal lives here...

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
Have fun returning all those Christmas gifts this weekend. 

I'll be back on the 1st with a New Years giveaway to celebrate
the beginning of my fourth year of blogging.

Have a safe New Years celebration. 


Diane said...

Pretty cardinal! Poor Max! Does he sneak back his toys when Mollie isn't looking? Congrats on (almost) four years! Time flies!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Mr. Cardinal is so handsome this year! Oh, and our pups don't share nicely either. Izzy has it, Rowdy takes it away, Izzy looks at me and cries. It's just sad. LOL

Lynne said...

Ahhhhh . . . what fun to watch Max and Mollie play! Even though Mollie is a bit greedy . . .

Happy Weekend Missy and New Year entry . . . I like your arrangement!

✿⊱Lilasesazuis✿⊱by Lígia✿⊱ said...

Dear Missy,

I could not come here on the blog because it was very sad!

Smell My dog broke ... were 16 years of so much love! He was heart and died like a bird.

Now, my kitten Minoush also was ...

Ah, my friend, it hurts! I was in no mood!

I saw your previous posts ... what a beautiful family and you already have a great-grandson ... he's gorgeous!

Your Christmas was blessed! Your Christmas decorations very delicate ... loved!

Max and Mollie have fun!

Missy, I wish you and your family and animals, much health, happiness and inner peace ... and we continue together in 2014!

kisses, thank you,

Lígia e =^.^=

Kelly said...

That was so nice of your dog walker to give them gifts. Our dog has already destroyed his Christmas toy! It didn't take him long to separate the rope from the ball and then chew the part that spins off the ball and unfurl the rope. He is hard on toys!

Beverly Frankeny said...

Happy New Year!! Are you giving Miss Mollie away?? I am sure Max would like that! (kidding)