Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I guess it's that time..
Time to get ready for Christmas.
The retailers have been saying that for a month or more..

I stopped in to  the local gardening center 2 weeks ago and was surprised to see that it's a little early for them .

The rooms near the entrance and the cash registers are decorated but the back is pretty empty.
These cards are darling but not eight dollars worth of darling.

 Cute caroling scene.

Looks like Mardi Gras..

Their prices get higher each year...too high.
Their wreaths are beautiful but...
They want between one and two hundred dollars for them
Bah Humbug !!

Cute life like figures..$$$$$
Love them but I'm not even tempted.

They've expanded their Fairy Garden products..

A skiing reindeer...

There was the usual assortment of soup, dip and pancake mixes.
Cookies and crackers, jellies and jams and candy.

Getting ready !!

They had a lot to do to get ready for this..
I didn't gets mobbed and you can't see anything.


In all fairness, I was there a little early.
I should go back this week and see what's changed..
Ho Ho Ho ??? or Bah Humbug ???


Beverly Frankeny said...

I'll have to go check out their fairy garden stuff!!

linda eller said...

Everything you posted is beautiful but I wouldn't and couldn't pay those prices. Mine will have to be small and home-made! Have a good Wednesday.

Lynne said...

$200 wreath . . . no way! Fun place to visit though, ideas are generating in my brain!

Diane said...

Looks wonderful, but I'd say "Bah!" to the prices too. I'd wait for an after Xmas sale!!

Junebug said...

Okay, I about choked on my coffee this morning with the prices of the wreaths!! I guess here in the NW fresh greens are plentiful so the prices are more $15 - 30. Want me to send you one, ha-ha!! It is Christmas explosion in my neck of the woods. It's fun to look and window shop but I'll stick with my budget this year!

Susie said...

Oh Missy, I must be a total tight-arse...I would never pay those prices. You can get fake beautiful wreaths for less. I have one I got on sale after the holidays at hobby's still pretty. Missy I like when you take us shopping with you though..LOL. Take care and if it gets bad out ,please be careful.xoxox,Susie

Kelly said...

That Christmas Redneck Party sign is hilarious! I think you should try to go to that personally. LOL! I'd love to see pictures of that one. That place sounds expensive! Probably because it's privately owned. Those types usually are. If you go to Home Depot, you'll find some very affordable and very pretty natural wreaths that have ribbon and pinecones on them. I love how they look, but I never buy them myself because they just don't last very long before turning brown in the south! I think they do better up north.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures of the place... glad I have enough to decorate so I'm not tempted... Ann