Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I just have to laugh at these two...

They just don't know how to relax...


Monday, February 25, 2013


Mollie loves little boys...

My friend, Dana came for a visit last week.
It was the first time I met Spencer who is almost three months old.

Spencer  loves being held by his mom..
He's such a cutie and so good.

Dana and I used to play golf 
and go out to lunch together together.
I guess those days are over.. (The golf anyway).
They were fun times and Dana has become a good friend.
Enjoy these days my friend, they go so fast.

Friday, February 22, 2013


My birdies have been giving me a lot of grief for the past two days.


"What happened to our shelter??"

"How could you let that happen?"

"Couldn't you have done something to stop it ?"

"You didn't even give us an eviction notice."

" What's going on? What's all the fuss about?"

Poor things have been relegated to this tree and the pine next to it
You can see the remains of the Forsythia below..

This is what the Forsythia used to look like.
Loaded with birdies. 
They don't have much protection way up there.

I guess they've forgiven me??
They're still waiting in line....
in my "no longer weeping Cherry Tree."

Feed them and they will come.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Recently and army armed with chain saws
 marched through my neighborhood.
The above picture used to be Forsythia plantings 
that were eight feet tall and besides providing privacy
 were always full of  birds..
Who trims Forsythia this time of year..??
I use the word "trim" loosely. 
Sorry about the picture..It was taken in to the sunset.

Then there are the Hydrangea bushes..same thing..
All the new buds were cut off..
There are a lot of opinions about when to cut Hydrangeas.
I always cut out the dead wood after the buds matured.
If it needed thinning out, I would cut it back to above the bud
closest to the ground.

My Weeping Cherry no longer weeps...:(
What am I to do?? Live with it, I guess.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Lynne from "Irish Garden House"
had a giveaway celebrating
the addition of her 100th follower.
I WON !!! ..

Just in time for Valentines Day,
I received a package.
And what a package it was, starting with this lovely card
and a sweet note from Lynne. 

Included where these vintage postcards..
Remember one and two cent stamps??
These cards date back to 1910...
I'm sure that I remember a three cent postcard.

I got a kick out of reading the messages written on their backs.
They are lovely..a real treasure.

There was also a box of the BEST chocolate covered nuts
I have ever had..Truly !
They were from Mc Donald's Home Made Candies
in Muskegon, Michigan.
I had to share some with  a friend because 
I have NO willpower.

These darling clay hearts made the trip safely.
Everything was well wrapped in lots of tissue paper.

Max just loves tissue paper
 and proceeded to make a little nest from it.

Thanks so much Lynne.
You made my Valentines Day very special.
Congratulations on Number 100.....

Friday, February 15, 2013


Last Sunday Mollie and I visited Bee Haven Acres.

Sundays always start with a big farm breakfast that I can't seem to get there early enough to enjoy.
After that everyone cleans and packs eggs.
Do those hands look like they spend all their time
sewing or doing farm work ?? 


Everybody helps !!!

They are making their own lip's really nice.
Go to this site for details:

After that, I was off to the barn to visit the animals. 

Bobby has taken up residence in the garage for the winter.
He's keeping warm under his heat lamp.

Tom Tom stops by for a little loving...

The ever present Guineas...

Minerva is watching over her garden
 anxiously awaiting springs arrival.
I think she needs a coat.

Dr Becky's horses..
Sid and Ava...Sid was nipping at Ava's rump when I arrived.

He's full of himself....

Goatie Village..

Wait !! 
Is this a goat house or a chicken house  ??

" They are always trying to move in. "

"You girls better not be laying eggs in there".

"We have to watch them every minute."

 The turkeys are next to you every second
 but it's best that you ignore them.

 Lots of Roo's..

Feeding time for Moonbeam and Miss Scarlet.



Daphne and Chloe

Tom Tom has his eye on a rooster..


Of course we have to stop and see Mary Ann and Ginger.
Bev and Mary Ann speak the same language now..
It's not English...

It was a beautiful, sunny day..
Sorry pictures.
Mollie and I enjoyed visiting  everyone.
Thanks for your hospitality.