Friday, March 29, 2013


I just love bunnies...


My resident bunny....

So cute....


Couldn't you just eat him up??


If not that one....maybe this one

Happy Easter everyone..

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 Monday morning we awoke to a beautiful landscape.


 We have had very little snow this winter so
 I'm not going to complain one little bit about this.

It's calm and peaceful..quiet.

It will be gone tomorrow..
The roads are clear and no wind.

Mollie and I had a fun walk this morning.
She likes almost all weather.

I hope you enjoy your day.

Monday, March 25, 2013


We are very fortunate here to have 
"state of the art" exercise facilities.

The pool is beautiful and I often have it to myself.
They keep it a little warm for my taste. 
It's hard to exercise very long in water that is over 86 degrees.
 It zaps your energy very fast.

Yesterday people were complaining because it was 84..
I loved it.
I have joined a group that plays Volleyball twice a week.
We play for an hour..usually 3-4- games..It's fun.

I don't complain when it's warm..
I'm in the minority for sure.

Two afternoons a week for an hour and a half there is  volley ball .

These pictures were taken before everyone got there.
Usually there are ten to twelve of us.
The life guards often join us and we play three or four games.
Lots of fun..Lots of laughs.

This is the gym.....

There are personal trainers that keep an eye on you.
I've been threatened with a phone call if I don't show up regularly.

I don't like gyms..I usually end up getting hurt..
Usually a knee. I should stay away from this one.
I'll vote for the pool any day.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Is there really a difference between a house finch,
a red poll and a purple finch??
It's sometimes hard to tell.

I'm lucky to have quite an assortment of birds
 even if they are rather ordinary.

I love the coloring of the Chickadee..It's flawless.

Sparrows are abundant and quite entertaining.

Soon there will be more Sparrows..
I brought this from my old house
 because the Sparrows had at least four hatchings a summer.
It looks like they aren't going to let me down.

Julie Junco

Mr and Mrs Cardinal are quite talkative with their "Chirp, Chirp".

The Finches are starting to turn yellow..
.A sure sign of spring and maybe the only one.

Always plenty of activity here.
They eat me out of house and home but I enjoy their antics.
I hope you spend sometime watching the birds today. 
Happy Spring. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My sister and her husband have birthdays  in January
that we usually add to Christmas
 because they go South for the winter.

My husbands family and I have March birthdays.

decided to have the " March babies " for dinner.

A big step for me ( or so I thought ), since it has been a long time since I've done any serious cooking.
But, no worry, everything turned out the way it was supposed to
 and I had a good time in spite of myself.

My ex next door neighbor made this beautiful cake
that tasted as good as it looks.

My " house warming " gnome.....
Isn't he cute ??

This was going on while we were having dinner..
I had some concern about their journey home.

Think Spring!!

Today has turned out to be bright and sunny 
and all this white has gone.
Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Monday, March 18, 2013


This past week we were "beautified".

I was amazed at how this tanbark was delivered.
I was walking Mollie at 7:30 one morning and , unfortunately,
didn't have my camera with me..
A full sized, closed tractor trailer,( not pictured),
was dumping the entire load.
The truck was obviously made for this purpose.
Something inside , up by the cab,
 was pushing all this tanbark  out in to the parking lot.
I could give you some graphic descriptions of this process
 but I'll save you from that.

By the time they were done,
the pile was twice the size of my cottage. 
These pictures were taken the next day when half of it was gone.

For the next two days, 
steaming piles of mulch were being distributed
 around the neighborhood.

They do an amazing job and do it all by hand.

It's not very peaceful when they are here but it looks pretty.

Friday, March 15, 2013


This gave me a chuckle  until I stopped to think about it..

They've been spreading tanbark here for the last few days.

Notice the wheelbarrows and that they are spreading by hand.

And at the community park adjacent to us,  
our tax dollars at  "work"...Same job, different technique.
Two men and  three pieces of heavy equipment 
just to tanbark that little strip.
They are actually using the bucket to smooth it out.
Using a front end loader has to take way more time
 and the man operating it is probably making big bucks..
This is how the township spends our tax money. 
Which way would you like to be paying for??
I guess I'm paying for both.