Monday, April 29, 2013


Mollie is fortunate
 in that she has several interesting places to walk. 
This is one of the two choices.
We walk this macadam path up to the apartments you see in the background and around the far side of the ball field and back every morning.

From there we go back along the same path
 past the old farmhouse to our cottage .
Rumor has it that this will be torn down to build condo's.

These paths are township owned and managed.
They run behind our neighborhood,
 along a cornfield lined with pine trees and in to the next neighborhood.
(our other choice of a walk)
I usually do that one when it's very windy.
 It's more protected than the ball field 
 and the distances are about the same. 
We are never at a lack for exercise.


Friday, April 26, 2013


 Recently I made a trip to my favorite place to run away to..
Beehaven Acres.
Things never stand still there so there is always something new to see or experience.. 

This is the new picnic pavilion 
 for use by family, friends and farm visitors.

This edifice is also for use by family, friends and farm visitors.
Isn't it cute??

Bev, aka "The Beehaven maven", made this adorable bunny fence.
I was happy to be able to help her finish it off.
( I held it while she attached the posts.)

She thought maybe it would make a cute headboard..
What do you think??

Then we have the new chicks that are growing taller every day.

Last but not least there are Missy's new kids..
I can't remember their names..Grace and Allen ??
Still a little shy and Missy is very protective.

Since then there have been several more new things at the farm.
I'll save them for next time..
I wouldn't want to " steal anyone's thunder" :)

                                 Have a beautiful day.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


When we first got Max eleven years ago,
 he would only drink from a dripping faucet.

Besides being inconvenient, it was a real problem when we went away. We had another cat at the time that drank out of a dish.

Not Max !!
 I could tell that he didn't because he splashes water
 all over the place.

I finally got him to drink from an electric Kitty fountain.
After a while, that wasn't good enough.
Now, for whatever reason, he drinks from a dish.
He loves fresh water and would drink every five minutes
if I changed it that often.
But from time to time, as you can see,  he reverts back to his old habit. 

Monday, April 22, 2013


Ah, Spring..Is it really here??
It's hard to believe with night temperatures in the low 30's.

It's so pretty here right now.

Soon, pollen will follow these blooms.

The cycle of buds, flowers, fruit and bees has started.

I hope your week is filled with beautiful flowers.

Friday, April 19, 2013


I started my "planting".
I don't know if I'll do much more.
I'm thinking less could be better here..
Maybe a couple of hanging plants..Later.

When I was buying my Geraniums,
someone said they keep mosquitoes away.
If that's true I may have to get a few more.

We have frost warnings for Sat night...
Guess I'll have to cover up and/or move some in to the garage.
                                 Have a beautiful day.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The auxiliary held their annual fashion show and luncheon yesterday  to benefit the residents here at Bethany  Village.
This is just one of several fund raising events
 held throughout the year.

Lots of lovely gift baskets were raffled off.
Items were donated by residents, axillary and local merchants.

Two local  stores provided clothing for our fashion show models
who were residents and employees.

Lunch was served .
Our table was sshh'd once by the table next to us.
We had fun rehashing the old  days.
Thanks to everyone for all their hard work.
It's appreciated. 

Monday, April 15, 2013


 When I got up this morning,
 I had no idea what I was going to do or what the day would bring.

Having no patience and several hours to kill 
before the Masters came on, 
I loaded Mollie in to the car and headed out to Lowes
 and Home Depot to see if they had any geraniums yet.

I know.."It's a little early"....
I didn't get that much and it's easy enough to put them in the garage at night if need be. (Until I plant them, that is).

When I got home, I had two messages. 
The first was from the man that bought my house asking if I could help get the pond up and running.

I went over and hooked up the pump and filter.
It should have been done a month ago
 but will clear up in a few days.

They told me that "my duck" had left and her eggs were gone.
Not so..She flew out of there when I went to look at her nest..
She'll be back ..She's been nesting there eight years.
Same duck?? "Quackers".


The second message was from Bev and so very sad.
They had to put Sadie down today.
She was unable to walk.
 She was nine and a very special dog to me.
We bonded when she was very young.
I  had kept her while her family was on vacation.
That bond continued throughout her nine years.
She will be missed at Beehaven Acres and certainly by me. 
I wouldn't  trade their love for the world but 
losing them is just so, so hard. 

You were a very sweet girl and I loved you..
even though you weren't terribly fond of Mollie.

I know you're at peace in doggie heaven.
Thanks for your love...
To Bev,  Hubs,  Maddie and "the boys " ....
You gave her a wonderful life..So sorry for your loss.

Friday, April 12, 2013


 He has not been able to break into these feeders so...

He goes around the outside and eats what he can reach.

You can see how clean the edge is..

I tried to capture a photo of his little pink tongue but was unsuccessful. He's just too quick.

I'm sure glad that I don't have to eat while hanging upside down.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


 It was a beautiful Sunday and I was chomping at the bit for something to do outdoors.

 This Holly has some ragged edges....

There should probably be some space between this Holly
and the Evergreen. 

 Ta Da...

No more whiskers..
Maybe this should have been trimmed instead of the Forsythia.
(But not with a chainsaw). 
The azaleas and Rhodies will have to wait until they have
Can you tell that I'm still a little irritated about the Forsythia ?

 I washed the windows,
 cleaned out the winter junk from the birdbath,
and put my fake pine tree away until next fall.
My urn is all ready for flowers.

 This guy ended up spending a long time bathing.
I had to add more water.

All ready for the "flowers that bloom in the spring Tra La".
(and the summertime too).