Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This is the front door to my cottage.

I had one way glass put in it 
because one can see right in to the bathroom.
I like the way it reflects but it doesn't work at night..Who knew??
My inner door is always open and nobody can tell.
I never use this door
 because Max could be on the other side waiting to escape and
I wouldn't be able to see him before I opened the door.

So, I always use this door into the garage .
Mollie is usually with me 
and it gives her dirty and wet paws a chance to get clean. 
Mine too...
Maybe I should put a wreath on the siding
 if I can figure out how to attach it..There I go "tweaking" again.


Done !!
I was watering out front and this little guy was rolling a  nut around in my driveway.
I went inside to get my camera thinking
"He'll be gone when I get back".
 He was still in the driveway and pushed his prize behind my planter when he saw me again.

 He wasn't about to give up his treasure.
I hope there's a treasure in your day.

Monday, July 29, 2013


In Fridays post, I touched on the mosquito problem where I live.
Last week  calls to our maintenance department
 and the DER 
eventually led me to Vector Control. 
They came out that very afternoon and set a 24hr mosquito trap.
They could have used us.
While we were standing outside talking
 three out of five of us had 4-5 mosquitoes on us.
She (vector control ) gave us informational pamphlets
 and the standing water talk.
 I brought up the fact that 90 cottages each have four downspouts with buried black rubber extensions whose ends all point up at the sky when they are coming out of the ground.

( I've kinda been harping  on that since I've been here).
Water lies in there for days..
This would be pretty expensive to correct, I imagine,
 although I've replaced mine and the cottages adjacent to mine.

This is the trap they set.
I'm sorry but I was getting too chewed up
 to stay around for the tutorial.
Something about a sweet solution to attract them 
and a vacuum to collect them .
They are supposed to come back in 24 hours to collect it..
There has to be at least one mosquito in there affected
with West Nile before they even consider spraying.
They will identify the mosquitoes and test them.
(Sounds like grant money to me..some study).
It all has to do with money, politics,
 (they are pooh poohing West Nile as being a problem any more).
Then there's the "green thing"..
Bugs should live....
She recommended that we  spray
 with a eucalyptus/lemon solution that attaches 
to the end of your hose.
I researched it and found that it isn't plant friendly
 and  I'm not too excited 
about killing my shrubs and flowers. 

Today I found out that "Administration"
 has known about the downspout extensions for years 
and has chosen to keep their heads in the sand.
I guess it's a no win situation .
In the meantime...

This works....

Friday, July 26, 2013


I have been nibbled on, attacked and just plain bitten
 every time I go outside....
Little mosquitoes and " no seeums".
Spraying my garden, myself and my clothes
 and wearing boots, pants and long sleeves is a lot of trouble,
expensive and not very "green"

Ta Da !!

 This may just be the solution..
I tried it  yesterday while removing my laundry from the clothesline and again this morning while watering.

I like being outdoors and puttering in my garden which has been close to impossible.

The "shirt" has a pocket for my clothes pins
 although I'm sure it wasn't designed for that purpose.
The sides are open mesh so even at 97 degrees, it's tolerable.
The pants have stirrups and extra material at the bottom that covers the tops of your feet..
So far, I'm happy and bite free....I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I believe that we must have had a recent emptying 
of the nests around here.

Lots of Finches all day long....
One lone male with all those women...

I haven't seen very many yellow ones lately.
I think these are mostly purple or house finches.
I wish they could do something about the mosquitoes.

Friday, July 19, 2013


I was playing with my camera..So forgive me if this gets boring.

A ground cover type of perennial geranium that goes crazy.


Cone flowers


 Cardinal Flower ??

I just can't get those crisp close ups..


and Hydrangea..
I think the bunnies are starting to eat my Cone flowers.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's Mr. Cardinal.

Whatever do you suppose he's looking for?

He was out there for at least ten minutes...
I don't think he found anything.

Maybe he's hearing things?

                               I think it's time they mowed.
At least they don't scalp us.

Monday, July 15, 2013


This tree is along a path that Mollie and I often walk
 next to the old farmhouse.

Today, I saw it differently.

I'm going to try to take a few of these..not quite ready yet.

We live in the middle of country and commerce..nice mix.

This corn field borders along the back of the cottages.
The path we walk runs along it in to the next development.

These day lilies are planted also
 beside the old farmhouse and along the path.

I think this is an immature Preying Mantis.
I wonder if he does windows? 
PS..The peaches were little but very sweet.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


My computer is having some issues that require reinstalling
all of my software.

I will not be available again until the end of the week.
( I hope)
No emails, no comments...whatever will I do??

Monday, July 8, 2013


I recently purchased this little mailbox birdhouse
 from a friend of mine who has an Ebay  store. 


When I first saw it,
 I thought it might be a little narrow for nesting but
before I could put up the "For Rent" sign, I had squatters.

So I may be very lucky and not have to deal with all those "showings"

 I hope this suits her taste and she'll decide to stay.


Please excuse the foggy pictures but it was a very foggy day.
I hope your day is clear and crisp.. 

Friday, July 5, 2013


Several days ago, I went out back to feed the birds
and noticed this pile of fresh leaves on the ground.


Looking up, I noticed a new "squirrel house".
It looks like it's nesting time.

Do you think I can teach them how to use a rake?

I guess I'd better stock up on bird seed.