Wednesday, October 30, 2013


There seem to be several different ways to view 
the Halloween season. 
No butts about it....

One is full of pumpkins , gourds and cornstalks.

A season full of colorful mums, scarecrows and hay bales,


 (from Pinterest)

The decorative, pretty side...

My next post will touch upon the spooky, scarey side of Halloween.
I much prefer this one..How about you?? 

Monday, October 28, 2013


BOO !!

I don't know what happens where you live ,
 but here we have some vacant stores that are rented out seasonally.
Each Halloween this particular one becomes a horror show.

This has a pedal that you step on and the spider jumps out at you.

Rubber masks..

The usual skeletons..

There are stages set up with "ghoul drama".


I was looking for something for my front porch...
I actually bought her.

I find this store creepy and am not inclined to linger.
I really couldn't wait to get out of there.

They look much tamer in this setting don't ya think ??

Add a little Pic Monkey...

My next post will be a kinder, gentler Halloween..

Friday, October 25, 2013


Yesterday was a beautiful , sunny fall day.
A little colder than it should be for this time of year.
We just made it to 50 degrees and it was windy.
I drove up to visit Bev at Bee Haven Acres.
Tom Tom and Moll Flanders met me at the barn.

The new pavilion was resting up after it's last pizza party.

As I drove up the driveway,
I was met by Sam and Oakley. 
They are used to running along the side of Bevs gator.
I'm always afraid I'll hit them.

As I approached the house,
I saw the chickens having a pumpkin carving contest.

Do you see an artist in our future??


After a potty break we headed out for "Road Trip II"
  The first stop was  at "Penns Creek Pottery"
which is a picturesque old  grain mill
 nestled along the banks of Penns Creek.

The mill used to grind flour and grain
 brought there by the local farmers.

This is one of the grinders that was used prior to mechanization.

This is an example of its wares.

The flour packing machine...

Not an unusual sight in rural Pennsylvania.

We stopped at this place called  "Country Traditions".

 This building houses several hundred stands where local artisans
display a variety of items..

 By this time we were in Lewisburg,
the home of Bucknell University and a State Prison.

I guess I should have gotten out and washed the windshield.

After stopping for a yummy lunch at a local sandwich shop,
we headed towards home.

We passed an Alpaca farm...

Lots of pretty country...

 Stopped for gas...

and got home in time to do the afternoon feedings..

Not a good time for pictures....

This is a porcupine quill that has a story all it's own.
To see that story please visit..
It will be worth your while..

 The goats were fed...

 Gobble gobble....

The ducks were fed as well...

Sadly,  It was time for me to head home...
I so appreciate the  ride in your beautiful country 
and visiting it's cute little shops. 

 It was a long day but fun..
I love exploring new territories and their little shops.
It's even better when I don't have to drive and have great company.

What a pretty fall sky to end a perfect day..
Thanks Bev.