Friday, November 29, 2013


I was transferring some bird seed in to a container
and spilled a little on my "porch".

It didn't take long for Sammie squirrel to find it.

He sure wasn't bothered by me or Mollie either for that matter.

There was only a garage door between 
and we weren't being very quiet.

Meanwhile outback, Susie squirrel was getting her fill.
I love the way they use their paws to scoop up the seed. 
 Oh my, Bad squirrel...

29 degrees and 20 MPH winds...
His little tail was blowing in the wind..Brrr

Their coats look like they're ready for winter.
I hope you are too... 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Monday,  my birdbath looked like
 it was developing an iceberg or a glacier.

The icicle was longer yesterday but it was too damn darn
blasted cold and windy to go back out again to take pictures.
(Not that it was much better today wind)

It looks as if the water that hadn't  frozen yet was being blown over the ice and over the side forming a rise and an icicle.

This is the best angle...
This poor Mourning Dove forgot his ice skates

I suspect he may be waiting for some ice to melt
 so he can get a drink.
I think he'll have a long wait.
His piggies must be cold. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone..
Be thankful..I know they are.

Monday, November 25, 2013


" He's in there..I know he's in there .
Hello, Hello..Come out and play."

"I can hear his little squeak ."
( I heard him too.) 

She has that little nose up every downspout and down every hole.

" Has anybody seen a cute little rodent with  black and white stripes and a little tail that stands straight up in the air?
He looks like this".

What do you suppose she'd do with one if she ever caught it ?
I hope I never find out.

Friday, November 22, 2013


The Pa Fabric outlet shares the building with
 The Antiques Market Place.
While I was here,
I stopped in to snoop.. it never seems to change.

If you are looking for leather, this would be a good place to find it.

There's all kinds of trim...

Binding, cording, lace...
You name it, it's there..


Fabrics and upholstery ...

More trim, facing, etc.

There is a wall of zippers somewhere..
I must have accidentally deleted that picture.  

I guess you need some thread to hold all this together.

and buttons...

I don't sew very much so this isn't my bailiwick..
I prefer the Antiques next door.
( Mon and Wed posts this week).

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This post is continued from 11/18/13
I took pictures of "interesting and different " things..
I really couldn't stop to look at anything
 because Mollie was in the car.
I had forgotten how big the place is.

Vintage Dolls...

I thought these old magazines were really cool
until I looked at the dates they were  published.
I was in my late teens..Made me feel old.

Seriously ???

Interesting ship..
I can see Columbus at the helm.
I think his were smaller than this one would be.

We could probably come up with a great story about her.
?? Any ideas ??

I love this face..very intriguing, kinda sad.
There was no information about him.

Old spinning wheels,


Old Victrolas....I'd better be careful how I use the term "OLD".

Would love to see these chairs in a big, window pane plaid..
maybe white with brown

I'm sure you all have a place for this Turkey ?

Thanks for joining me..
I'd like to go back  sometime when Mollie isn't in the car.
I left her too long..
She usually sleeps in her spot in the passenger seat.
She was on the floor on the drivers side still hooked to her seat belt.
Bad Mommy..

Monday, November 18, 2013


This building used to be the Manbeck Bakery.
It's 32,000 square feet holds 150 antiques dealers.
Among many other items,
 one can find furniture, coins, photography, postcards,
Pa railroad memorabilia, Civil and Revolutionary War items.

The building dates back to 1913 and housed the stables
 for the horses used for pulling wagons to deliver the bread.
It's brick and hardwood floors are original.
The entire building is around 73,000 square feet.
The other half contains The Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet.

I'm so glad that I don't wear silver jewelry.
There are some beautiful Turquoise pieces here.

This MG is from the 50's , I think.
I missed that part of the sign in the picture.

It's a steal at $40,000.

Lots of Vintage clothing, cottons and lace.

Interesting framed photos and artwork.

Some very nice old furniture..
I know some of you are  just dying to paint it white.

Pennsylvania Railroad lanterns..
Some priced at $1,100 - $1,200.00

Loads of "Willow ware" 

Carousel and Rocking horses...

I'll post "Part Two " on Wednesday....
There's a lot to take in.