Friday, January 31, 2014


Max spends an inordinate amount of time birdwatching..
There seems to be a squirrel there too.

Of course he has wonderful vantage points..
The dining room table.

 Such intensity.

Then there is the kitchen counter..

He knocked the things off of the window sill last week..
Must have been a very cute birdie..
Patience Mr Max, they'll be right back.

I'm sure there are those of you who are having conniptions about the cat on the kitchen counter and on the dinning room table.
My husband wouldn't have stood for it.
You must understand..
 I never eat at the dining room table.
 Max does though so Mollie can't get to his food .
(It is thoroughly cleaned for company) 
As for the counter tops..also cleaned well.
That side of the counter rarely sees food anyway.
We share our space.
PS...Max was thirteen this week .

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


"Let me see what's so interesting on this thing."

(old picture)
"Mom spends hours with it on her lap...MY LAP.
She says she writes to people and they write back to her.
Maybe I could email (I think that's what she calls it )
some of my old buddies."

(old picture)

"I guess I'll take a nap instead.
It looks pretty boring to me..lots of letters and pictures.
 I wish she'd finish up soon so we could go for a walk..
I never get any attention."
(poor baby)

"Is that me in there??
Wow.I really am a cutie Mom !!!!"

Monday, January 27, 2014


I'm not talking about food.

There are several of my Christmas decorations
that pass for "winter" as well as Christmas.
Replace the red bow and voila !!

This arrangement changes with the seasons..

Have a wonderful week...
Can you believe that January is almost over ??

Friday, January 24, 2014


Packaging can be a real challenge..
(Getting into it that is). 

Last night I  needed some cheese for something I was making .
"tear along the dotted line".
What a joke. 
Try as I might, it wouldn't budge...

It stays even fresher when you can't get it open.

I finally gave up and resorted to scissors.


 Then Step 2
Pull the  %#@&*  bag apart.

Same thing with the cereal box this AM..
( I did get that open with a bit of a struggle)


Don't you just love it when it finally opens
 and its contents go flying all over the place??
That didn't happen this time but has in the past.

Then there are these packages..

These can cause some pretty bad  words cuts if you're not careful.


I guess I'm "starting" (hah) to show my age...
Keep those scissors handy...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


At the end of each year I publish my blog.
For posterity ??
Nope, just for me
 so that I know my posts and pictures will never be lost.

You are able to pick what you want on the covers...Front..
(My first header and Mollie,  of course.)

and back..

This is the beginning of my first post....


 The second one is indexed...
I just saw a typo on this page..Way too late now.

There are several companies out there.
These START at $15.00.
You can pick cover colors, hard or soft, etc.
Pages can be deleted if you only want to include certain subjects like family, animals, hobbies, etc.
Simple to order..Hey, If I can do it anyone can.
 I can hear the snickers..Be nice.

Blog2print is not compensating me in any way.


I just ordered my 2013 version.
Mark at Blog2Print was more than helpful.
Thanks Mark.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Yes they are !!!
This is my sister Ann and her husband Joe.
( a long time ago) 

They both have birthdays this week...

Can you guess who's older??

 Guess I'd better not go there. 
I'm in enough trouble.

This is really a test to see if they read my blog.

Happy Birthday Ann and Joe !!!

Lots of love....

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This time of year it seems that I spend a lot of time 
 watching the birds at my feeders.
Of course I have to take lots of pictures...lucky you.

I guess this is where the expression 
"Birds eye view" came from.





Red Bellied Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker


There are certain times of the day,
that I have trouble taking pictures through my kitchen window because of the blinds reflection.

Tufted Tit Mouse

Who is that sneaking up in the back??

White Breasted Nuthatch ???

Had enough birdies??
They are an interesting  form of entertainment for me...
My nature fix.