Friday, January 10, 2014


It seems that around this time of year, each year, 
we experience an influx of crows.

Several weeks ago, the corn in the field
 adjacent to this property was cut down.

It is swarming with crows.

There are so many that they don't all fit in one tree.
Interesting that they are all facing the same direction.
(These pictures are two different trees)
Noisy little buggers too. 

At least they're not eating me out of house and home !!



Beverly Frankeny said...

Jack would be know how he loves his crows!!

Junebug said...

Oh my, I bet they are noisy! But who could resist free food from left over corn. Were those your bird feeders? I have several out and so enjoying watching all that visit. Hope it is warming up!!! Hugs!

Lynne said...

Indeed, it would be a scare to have them suddenly be sitting in your trees. Noisy too. Maybe the crows were giving you a storm approaching alert.

Lynne said...

Having trouble with Blogger/Bloglovin . . . don't think my comment connected.

The noisy tree filled crows were probably letting you know the wintery storm blast was on the way!

Patricia said...

I don't mind the crows so much. What were really noisy and annoying were the red wing blackbirds that we had an abundance of on Mare Island. That's near Vallejo CA, in the Bay Area. We were stationed there three different times in our Navy life.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Aw...sweet birds....(not the crows)!!! I need to put some stuff out for the birdies. We had a few little birds flying around, guess they need more food.

must love junk said...

Love the pictures of those crows!! Eerily beautiful!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Isn't that something! I just posted about the same thing but ours were a smaller bird, maybe starlings. Come visit.

So the crows steal from your feeders?

Kelly said...

I always find it interesting that crows always seem to fly in flocks. I never see just one crow, do you? They are noisy, like you said. I think they're fun to watch though.