Friday, February 28, 2014


This morning when I looked out of my window,
I was amazed at the amount of Robins I saw.

One frequently sees flocks of Crows and  Starlings 
but it seems unusual to see this many Robins at one time..

They sure are fat little birdies.
They must have had a good winter.

Maybe they should have waited a little while before joining us

It's hard not to "think spring" with them around
but I see an awful lot of ice and snow surrounding them...
and it's darn cold !!!! 

I hope your weekend will be toasty warm.
Ours promises below zero temps, 40 MPH winds 
and maybe more snow Sunday into Monday.....
Sure,  "Think Spring"!!! I dare you.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It's melting, it's melting !!

And it's very ugly..

I see a lot of sod and macadam in these piles...

I'm not sure that I want to see the end result...

Yuk !!

Maybe this will help ???

It actually only washed off  a layer..Still looks UGLY !!
Maybe the inch or so we're getting today will cover it up again.

Monday, February 24, 2014


" I know that many of you have been curious 
about  my soft, lustrous fur coat and how I maintain it."

"It's very important to get plenty of sleep...."

" The cozier, the better. "

" Of course, water, diet and exercise are a no brainer".
My biggest, bestest beauty secret is a snow/ice facial."

" Of course this luxury is seasonal so one must grab them
 when the opportunity presents itself. 
I have several a day during the winter....
It helps with that dry skin, you know.
Natures exfoliater.."

I hope you've enjoyed the past few days
 with temperatures above 50.
Winter is back today...( Polar Plunge ) Have a super week.

Friday, February 21, 2014



We're becoming good friends...
I expect him to knock on the door soon..

He's very little...gotta fatten him/her up..


At the cottage across the street from me
there is a clearing under this overgrown bush.

For the past several nights
 a mother deer and her baby have spent the night.
They are usually gone in the morning.
That particular morning they were still there at 7:30,
 probably because of the major snow storm we were enduring.

Utility trucks scared them off shortly after I took these pictures.



 Last Fall I bought this light fixture.

At the time, I decided to leave it shadeless.
The longer I lived with it, the more I thought it needed something.

I have always liked the printed fabric design in furniture 
so when I saw these I thought..Why not??
I  ordered some matching fabric and made
 a  valance for my kitchen window.


These robins have been around for almost a month...

I don't think of them as a sign of spring.
They are drinking water (melting ice ) from the gutters.


Have a wonderful weekend..

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This little House Finch spent hours today
napping in my Weeping Cherry tree.
There was a lot of activity from other birds around him
 but he didn't budge.

Finally, looking a little hungover,
 he awoke and headed to the bird feeders.

I recently wrote a post called : 

Several of you have asked me about the "Mushers Secret".
I'm happy to report that it works.
Mollie and I were out this morning on wet, icy  and salted roads.
She was also walking a lot in the cold snow.
Through all that she only raised one paw once.
I think she may have had a chunk of salt stuck in it.
It didn't seem to track on my hardwood floors .
( I wipe her paws before she comes in the house anyway but sometimes that's not enough to prevent paw marks ).

I'm sold !!!

Monday, February 17, 2014


I'm sure most of us are in the same boat
 and probably getting tired of  "snowscapes".

My blogs are about taking pictures of available subjects and trying to say something intelligent about them.
The picture part is the easiest.

So , SNOW it is !!
This is my path from the garage to my driveway.
Mollie and I change our clothes/boots in the garage and dry off.

A 9-10 inch snow fall an hour after it stopped snowing.
Plowing starts around here as soon as the first flake falls even if it's going to snow for the next twelve hours.
For this one , plowing started at one AM.
It stopped snowing around four PM when this picture was taken.

The roads are clear all day long but our driveways
aren't plowed out until six PM..
I guess there is a good reason for clear roads that can't be used .
(not by us anyway).

No form of precipitation falls under the eaves of my house..
This makes filling my bird feeders that are hanging from the gutters in the back easily accessible.

The roofs are accumulating quite a bit of snow.

Maybe the winter Olympics should have been here.

 There's a lot of macadam and lawn in this pile.

 It's supposed to be near 60 next week..
Lakeside pictures will follow...

Have a wonderful week !!