Friday, February 7, 2014


 Everything that looked like this on Tuesday,

Looked like this on Wednesday..Snow to ice.

One of my readers said that my pictures
 reminded her of the photographer Ansel Adams.
Always one of my favorites..
At one time I had several of his prints.

More ice...


It would have been beautiful in the sun but wouldn't have lasted.
It took it's toll on many tree limbs as evidenced below.

Our big pines were badly damaged.
It became somewhat dangerous to walk around here.

This is the entrance to an adjoining neighborhood where Mollie and I go when the roads are too heavily salted here.
We managed to "jump" this limb.

In the process both of us have managed to get sap on ourselves.
Any suggestions on removing it from fur and sweats?? 

This little Bobcat is used to clear the driveways.

Mollie has been doing a lot of this lately..
She's had several hour long walks daily but that's about it.

Refreeze tonight with winds..enough already.
I hope this is the end of weather pictures for awhile.
Have a fun weekend..
I'll probably spend it watching the Olympics.


Lynne said...

Looks like you got some snow and ice. That ice stuff plays havoc on everything! Poor Mollie, she can't win . . . salty roads and sappy limbs falling! I think peanut butter is used to remove gum from clothing . . . Google it, I will too!

✿⊱Lilasesazuis✿⊱by Lígia✿⊱ said...

Wow, Missy,

Winter is rigorous al.

I freeze these gorgeous images!

And Molly is well encolhidinha the warmth of the blanket.

However, it is dangerous much snow, does not it?

Here in São Paulo, we are now 33 degrees and arrive throughout the day to 37 degrees ... afff are melting ... so hot.

kk ... A great weekend,


Ligia and =^.^=

Susie said...

Missy, Please use care when going out...Maybe avoid being near trees and power lines. Ice is so scary. Snow's bad but you can dig out from it, but ice causes too much damage. Thinking of you, xoxo,Susie

Junebug said...

Gorgeous photos!! I can stop complaining about no snow. Yes, we finally got snow. I'm so excited!! We can go years without a snow storm. It sure shuts the Northwest down, no one knows how to drive in it, ha-ha!! But it's off to work for me, a boss that say "weather is no excuse for not showing up to work". But of course she has her husband drive her in. My dogs love the snow, running and running in it. Begging to go back out. Crazy!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Patricia said...

Goo Gone works on pine sap. We're finally getting some much needed rain. Love it!

Kelly said...

Your ice pictures are really pretty! I can't believe how much snow you get. You know you get a lot of snow when you have a bobcat clearing your own driveway!

marejohn said...

wow! You have certainly gotten some weather-but those icy pics are fantastic! Almost worth the cold just for those!