Monday, February 3, 2014


What a dilemma..
This winter has been very tough for Mollie.
We have no sidewalks and you can shovel the amount of salt 
they use on our roads ( seriously ).
When the roads are dry the salt doesn't bother her 
but salt ,wet feet and wet roads stop her in her tracks.
The single digit temperatures make the snow too cold to walk in.
Her little paws freeze.

I'll try anything but, will she ??

Oh my goodness..How forlorn.

How long will she just stand there??

A couple of treats and my sitting on the floor
 got her to move the distance of one foot.
( 20 minutes later ).
At first she tried to back out of them.
So, I gave up for steps , right?
Once unencumbered  she attacked poor Max and then her toy box.

I tried it several more times for several more days..same deal.
Once she stepped out of one of them..
That's all I'd need after all this work.
This is my next thing to try.

It's a waxy substance that coats their pads and between them.
The reviews say it doesn't track..It had best not !!
My other solution is to take her to the adjoining neighborhood.
Sidewalks and almost no salt.
The problem is getting her there if our roads are wet.
I drove her there one day last week..
With all this we manage somehow and no,
I'm not looking forward to summer..Maybe Spring. 

Anyone need a set of doggie boots??

What do you find in your "warm spot" after you get up
 at 4AM to go to the bathroom ?

And don't think for a minute 
that she's just keeping it warm FOR ME.


Beverly Frankeny said...

That Molly....she needs a tiara!!

Diane said...

Years ago my sister tried boots for her two dogs. No success either. Winter is hard on everyone!

Lynne said...

Adorable post. Mollie does look forlorn. Like her burrowing in stance. Did she see her shadow? Guess not, six more weeks of snuggling in!

I guess I won't invest in boots. Snickers always wants to lick her feet so when I take her out to walk the road, (no sidewalks in near our houses) we hit the salt. SO, I have to wash her feet when I bring her in so she won't get the salt. Gets very tedious.

Snickers has been burrowing in just like Mollie!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Love her snuggled into the bed's warm spot. I think our pups would be a tad upset wearing boots, but may still give it a try.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, in those photos, she does NOT look pleased with you. Stink eye!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I have thought about getting those doggie booties too, but I'm sure the result would be the same!

Junebug said...

Ha, ha, a good chuckle this morning. I often wondered if dogs really used and kept them on. Good luck with the Musher save! I've wondered with the bitter cold in the East how animals feet endure. Stay warm and hopefully a great start to the week!

Blackberry Lane said...

I've never had any luck with dog boots either! So cute that she steals your warm place in the bed!

Manuel said...

Aunque haya sido un duro invierno, seguro que tu perrita no lo ha notado, se ve, que está en muy buenas manos, y que le dais mucho cariño.
Un saludo desde Sevilla.

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Looks like your "warm spot" is being well-warmed! lol I think those boots are so darned cute-too bad your "friend" doesn't think so! lol WE have SALT like that here, too- UGH xo Diana

thistlewoodfarm said...

Those little boots were so sad she didn't like them!

Happy day to you!

Susie said...

Hi Missy, I have missed visiting your blog. Your poor doggie. It's sad that her feet get cold...but I can understand it. Animals just hate those booties it seems. Hope you can get things to work out for her. xoxo, Susie

Laura said...

Those booties were precious!
Who knew those existed?
Thank you for visiting my blog-
it means a great deal.


marejohn said...

OOh, have a grandpup that needs to try the "mushers secret"...she's a rescue that had what they believe were acid burns on her body and paws...made me laugh but I know it is a serious problem!
As for what I find when i come back to bed-that would be the very same thing-except mine is "dachshund shaped"
Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Mollie is so funny! She deals pretty well with a persistent Mom! Hope the wax works...Ann