Friday, April 25, 2014


Have you ever seen a Pussy Willow Tree ?
I've always thought they were bushes.
"Live and learn"  as they say .

This is a Weeping Pussy willow.
I just had to bring a few inside...

Pussy willow trees are native to the eastern U.S. and Canada 
 and usually found around wetlands..
The furry buds are known as "catkins".

There are male and female catkins..
I'm not sure how one tells the difference but the males appear late
in their season so these could be males.

They are easy to propagate.
You can just insert a cut branch in to moist soil or 
place it in water to root and then plant it.
Leave several nodes above the ground.
They are known to be quite invasive and enjoy a moist habitat.

Enjoy !!
Have a wonderful weekend.


Nancy's Notes said...

That is so interesting, never knew any of that about the pussy willow tree! Thanks for sharing! Love them in that cute vase by the window, great look!

Lynne said...

Perfect Spring will include Pussy Willows . . .
Happy to be back with one of my favorites Miss Misssy!

Diane said...

I love pussy willows! My dad had a pretty big tree that split and one side of it came down. I've heard they are easy to grow too.

NanaDiana said...

I absolutely LOVE a pussy willow tree and I never knew there was such a thing until we moved next door to a house that had one. It was right on the property line -hanging over on our side but the trunk was on the neighbor's side, They were very GRUMPY neighbors. I used to slip out after dark to snip some branches for ny Spring decorating. lol xo Diana

Beulah said...

Brings back memories of growing up on our little farm.

Lilasesazuis Gata said...

That different plant!

Your vase in the window is beautiful, beautiful!

Ligia e = ^. ^ =