Monday, April 14, 2014


 I left this morning  forgetting to turn the heat up.
I turn it back to 63 at night.

When I returned home I found Mollie lying in Max's sunny spot.
She's never's Max's bed in the day time.

She's daring Max to get up on the bed...

You are barely able to see the fur ball along the bed.
That would be Max.
He finally gave up and opted for the living room window.
Before long the interloper joined him.

Poor Max..There is never any peace for him.
He was here first as well... 

This is how it usually ends up.

May your day be a peaceful one.



Lynne said...

Finding the rays of sunshine is what they all are going for these days. Snickers has her stake out sun spots!

You would have enjoyed watching the circus around here yesterday. Our house went from the two of us plus Snickers to ten strapping adults/young adults and two extra dogs . . . oh my, circus tells the story . . .

I am wishing Max and Mollie bright separate sun spots for these spring days, with some extra for you too!

Diane said...

Typical relationship, I'd say. Cats are so funny when their normal routine (or nap spot) is disturbed. They are so offended.

Nancy's Notes said...

What adorable little friends! Cat and dog relationships, too cute and just fun to watch!

Lilasesazuis Gata said...


kkkk ... there is always intolerance between them, but they are friends and Max is generous in giving way to molie ... kkkk

Nice photos, Missy,


Ligia e = ^. ^ =