Friday, May 30, 2014


Rhododendrons are just gorgeous.
I only wish they lasted longer. 

Their beauty speaks for itself.

Interesting how white blossoms start out pink..

Monday, May 26, 2014


Not only have they done NOTHING to repair previous damage
over here but they are creating new...
In case you wondered, I am referring to BRICKMAN.. 
They really tore up the turf this time mowing after a substantial thunderstorm..And the grass wasn't cut , it was mowed over.
Wet grass, that long won't cut !!!
I reseeded this because it's in my yard..

These next pictures are new damage after this past mowing.

Mowed down..not cut

Piles of thatch everywhere..Across from marketing looks awful.

The dead tree looked like the one on the right last year..Guess we're going to lose both of them..How long will that dead tree be there??
We really have to do something about the salt..It's only a matter of time before it starts affecting the big trees.

This intersection is a disgrace..

There used to be grass here...

This was torn up this winter along with the mailboxes.

This fence is going to fall on someone one of these days..
The 4x4 is cracked thru at the base..

My gutters are clogged and my windows weren't washed..
He missed this street. I've reported this 3 times..
It seems as though the East cottages get the bare minimum as far as maintenance and repairs go.
The street lights (2) up from marketing have been out for months..One all winter..Very dark right there..Dangerous..

Rob (if he really exists) should be walking around here and making a list of things that need to be done and then DO THEM.

I guess you can tell,
I'm pretty disgusted...Not what I signed on for..


USA memorial day
© Alan Crosthwaite

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May.
Once known as Decoration Day,
 it commemorates the men and women who have fought and died
serving in the military for the United States.
Many people visit memorials and cemeteries
 and have parades to honor their service.

Please take the time to remember those men and women
while you are enjoying your picnics and barbeques 
with friends and family. 
They helped make it all possible and for that we are grateful.

Friday, May 23, 2014


In a previous post, I mentioned this area and how it had been destroyed by our illustrious grounds people..

I decided to edge and "bark" it.
It occurred to me that they could do the same damage by running
their leaf  removers over the tan bark...

Ta Da...
Head them off at the pass....

Hope this does the trick  :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


 Twice a year we have a "Fair".
This past weekend was the Spring version.
A lot of time and energy goes in to preparing for it 
and cleaning up afterward.
The first day is open to the residents and associates.
The second day it is open to the public.
I work one of the tables for a few hours that is usually located outside  under a tent ..Too cold this year.
Of course everything is "Vintage" or past vintage.

"Jewelry" is always a big draw.

There's always lots of glassware and dishes...

Pots and Pans...

FINE !!  china...

Someone bought 4-5 TV's for some organization.

"VINTAGE"  lamps..


We have a very creative wood shop group..

I heard we did pretty well this year.. 
$6,000.00 ( a little above average ).

Thanks to all of you who contributed and participated.
Have a wonderful weekend..

Monday, May 19, 2014


 Aren't they just beautiful???

A knock at my door several days ago
 was a neighbor with whom I have become good friends.
She had these gorgeous Iris and some yummy muffins for me !!

Since moving here a year and a half ago,
I have become good friends  with several of my neighbors.
We are all widowed but they still cook...I don't.
I feel very fortunate and a little guilty
that they share their goodies..
It's hard to make just a little of some things..Lucky me..