Monday, June 30, 2014


Last week I took a little trip to Bee Haven Acres.
My husbands family was going to visit so I went to say "Howdy".
I always go in by the barn so I can visit the animals.
No one in sight anywhere..Too hot.
They were all inside.
This is the approach to the barn.

To the left is her garden..(one of many).

Leaving that area one can see the riding arena in the background.

The first "animal" to be seen was Bobby, ( the wanna be house cat),
 lying under a car in the driveway.

This inscription is in the beams as you enter the dining room.

The view from the front porch.

Bev took everyone for a tour of the farm in the "gator."
As it was hot, buggy , and I'd done that a few times, 
I stayed home on the porch with the dogs and relaxed 
watching the birds.
I had the best spot.
There wasn't room for me anyhow.
This red bellied  Woodpecker was a frequent visitor. 

See his red belly between his legs ?

Mr and Mrs Downy Woodpecker were also hanging out.

 After everyone came back , 
we were treated with a visit from three or four baby "downies".
Sorry, no pictures. My battery was very low.
Poor planning on my part.

After a yummy lunch of chicken salad croissants, orzo salad
and the best cupcakes, 
I said my goodbyes and headed home.
Thanks Bev..
Loved my visit and the farm looks great.

Friday, June 27, 2014


The Hydrangeas are beginning to bloom.
This one was blue last year. 
I'm going to have to work some magic.


This Oak Leaf Hydrangea is beautiful this year.

Still blue...

I added Yarrow,


English Lavender...

Some Daisy's and Stokes Astor.

These are a neighbors Lilies..
Aren't they just beautiful?

Enjoy your weekend...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Two Springs ago,
these two Hydrangeas were cut down to ankle height.
Unfortunately they were cut when they were setting their buds
and haven't bloomed since ..
One of them was too big for it's out with them.

These two young ladies drew the short straws..
It was over 90 degrees and very humid.
They were well rooted and difficult to get out.

One was moved to a neighbors house and the other was trashed.
These "girls"  really had their work cut out for them.
She has a son who is a Senior in high school.

A Lilac was moved from the center of my garden
 to fill one of the holes.
It has a lot more room here.

One of my peonies was moved back 
into the hole where the Lilac was.
(back center).

Looks much more balanced...Thanks girls..

Monday, June 23, 2014


 I was watching this squirrel at my bird feeder
 and found his use of his "hands" very ingenius.

He hangs from the feeder while scraping the bird seed
from the bottom and feeding himself.

Sometime he cleans it with his mouth.

Her he is reaching in and bringing the seed to his mouth..

He has seed all over his belly..
See how he has cleaned  off the bottom of the feeder..

They work so hard for so little..

Friday, June 20, 2014


Several of the residents (including me), have been very vocal of late about the appearance of our neighborhood.

This winter took its toll on  quite a number of our shrubs, trees and other plantings.
A lot of it was due to careless snow removal and too much salt.
It was suggested to the "powers that be" that it might be a good idea to "neaten up the place."

We weren't asking for replacements...
 just get rid of and cut out the dead stuff.

The only cost would be manpower.

They listened and spent a day doing just that.

Grass seed was also distributed to areas that had been stripped by 
the fall leaf cleanup and Bobcat damage.
We could use a lot more of that..
Our weather has been wonderful for growing grass.
Thanks guys..keep up the good work!! 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Weeping cherry trees are often propagated by grafting.
They are usually "top grafted" using branches from a healthy tree which are placed onto a cherry variety of rootstock.

That "scion wood" is placed on the sawed off top of a donor trunk.
This creates the single umbrella like cascading appearance
 from the top of the tree .
Sometimes (as in my tree), the original trunk
 sprouts its own branches.. Kinda like a bad hair day.

Each year I cut them off..
 It's nice to have a tall brother in law.
Ah, much better..

Thanks Joe.

Monday, June 16, 2014


 Not me or my arthritis, that's for sure.
This past week we were subjected to high humidity, almost no sun and at least one half inch of rain daily.
This Begonia was half this size before then.

See it smiling???
(glad something is).
Rumor has it that this week will be the same only hot.
I want winter back..

Friday, June 13, 2014


I remember years ago when I was working part time in a local garden center during the summer for something to do,
 people would bring in their Crepe Myrtle
 swearing that it was dead.
Of course it was usually late May , early June.
Often they had dug it up already but if not,
"Patience" was our response.


This is only the second year for this one but as you can see,
it has new growth coming up around it's base .

When this matures a little , I will remove the "dead" branches.
Have a fun weekend..
Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads.