Friday, June 13, 2014


I remember years ago when I was working part time in a local garden center during the summer for something to do,
 people would bring in their Crepe Myrtle
 swearing that it was dead.
Of course it was usually late May , early June.
Often they had dug it up already but if not,
"Patience" was our response.


This is only the second year for this one but as you can see,
it has new growth coming up around it's base .

When this matures a little , I will remove the "dead" branches.
Have a fun weekend..
Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads.


Beth @ "E." Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i have always wanted a crepe myrtle in our yard ... but not much sun here. more of a forest. they are so gorgeous. what's it's color? pink?

Lynne said...

Gardening often holds the need for patience.
Rewards happen though . . .

Diane said...

Never had any Myrtle. I would have thought it was dead too!

Blackberry Lane said...

One of my favorite plants. We don't have one now. Hope you'll share photos of the blooms later.

Patricia said...

Ah, that's good to know. Ours comes back and greens up from the stems themselves. I love the deep watermelon red ones that I've seen around here. Mine is pink I think.

Lilasesazuis Gata said...

Hello, Missy,

It takes patience to the buds arise!

Here we celebrate Father's Day in August.

Festival good for you


Ligia e = ^. ^ =

Tante Mali said...

Oh my Dear, you are a very talented gardener!!! Wonderful!
Have sunny times!
All my best