Friday, August 29, 2014


 I was recently at Bee Haven Acres for a birthday party.
I can't be there without a visit to the animals.
This is "Tawdry Audrey"..She's beautiful, not tawdry.

Many of the chickens were taking dust baths...
This one chose the compost pile.

This is handsome Sam.

These two noses belong to Red and Ollie, 
the miniature ponies.
It was not a good photo op day for the equines 
as they were all donned in their finest bug masks.

The inseparable donkeys Chloe and Daphne..

One of them tried to eat my pants leg and shoe.

Moon beam thought he'd show me his best side.

Goodness, he's broad...

Ella Bella was the only one of several barn kitties
 that made an appearance.

The turkeys are a very ominous sight..
They walk around in tandem always touching.
Well, almost always.

I guess that takes care of my animal fix for awhile.
They're the best..always welcoming.

Happy Labor Day !!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


 Part of the beauty of the farm is the ride up there.
Usually I'm driving and can't take pictures.

This time of year, the river is somewhat hidden by the foliage.


 We are greeted by their 200+ log house/spring house.

On the other side of the drive is the duck pond where can be found
several generations of various ducks.

The pumpkin patch...

There are many beautiful flowers ...

I have been trying for a month to find a butterfly to photograph..
Voila !!!!

 If you've never visited the Bee Haven Maven 
at Bee Haven Acres you're missing out.
Her picture is on my sidebar or visit...

You won't be sorry.

This lovely day was followed by a beautiful evening.
No tripod..I guess I'll have to get it out!!!

We'll visit with the animals later in the week.

Monday, August 25, 2014

HE'S 30???

It's hard to believe that he's only 30....
To me, it seems like ages ago that he was born.
Andy is Beverly's son and my husbands grandson.
He's a great guy and unfortunately I can't take any credit.

New wife, new house, new job, new dog!!
Life is good...
There was a surprise birthday picnic at the farm hosted by 
his mom and his wife.
Of course there was lots of food...

The best cupcakes..
Vanilla, chocolate, carrot cake, peanut butter and black forest,
all with yummy butter cream icing.

The dogs had to get their share...

My four wheeling sister...


There were games...

The object of this one is to wrap the balls around the bar.
Ann (my sister) was pretty good at this.
Shuffleboard is being played in the background.

Joe is getting some pointers.

 Of course there had to be an icing fight...
Both of them had it in their hair.
Bev has cleaned up her face a bit transferring her icing to Amanda's hair.

We headed home while the "youngsters" went to play
volley ball and badmitten. 
It was a fun day..Thanks for inviting us.
More farm pictures to come this week.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Please excuse this format..
It's easier for me to do with pictures and they show up better.
I am not one to complain about grass or mowing
 unless it's too short.  
My only complaint in this document will be about the trimming.
You may remember that this spring "we" had to reseed a lot of the edges along the streets due to last years severe trimming.
The grass was dead and yellow..We had "yellow edges".
This summer the trimming has been usually less severe and due to that and rain, we have maintained our green edges.
 UNTIL NOW..or yesterday.

 Apparently we have a new crew...again.
Yesterday, the trimmer was street level and horizontal, scalping anything in it's path.

I had my edges to a point where they were looking pretty good.
Straight up and down , deep and even.
Now they are flat and bare.


The streets are the same way.

The bank out back...

Along the road...

This is an area that I had seeded and was just getting to the point where it didn't need to be watered every other day.
I'll have to start over again.

Bye, bye nice edges.
Is it really that hard too do it right..just leave the edges green.
No need to trim anyway..The mowers do it.

Now for something that I really don't care about but it was so bad that I had to share it.
I don't care because it's not destructive..not hurting anything...
It's just unsightly.
The close edging is destructive.

This is how the front of the farmhouse was left yesterday.
They "mowed" along the street and along the path totally leaving the middle undone.

I'm really not against the workmen..
I'm disgusted with supervisors and managers who don't teach them any better or that let them get away with this shoddy performance.
We are paying for this !! 

On a positive note...
The railings and the shutters that are being painted look great.
Thanks for that.
This is the first time in 2 years that we have had no orange netting, no holes that need to be filled, no orange cones
 and all the street lights are working.
Thanks PPL...

One last thought..Mulch
Is it really a good idea to mulch every year?
I can see mold in the holes being made by squirrels or chipmunks
That could save a fair amount of money, I would think.
Maybe mulch West one year..East the next ??
Thanks for listening..
Missy George
466 Bethany Drive