Wednesday, September 10, 2014


My sister , who lives down the street,
 stopped by to ask if I wanted to ride along with her to 
The Art Barn.

They were having a kind of yard sale of slightly used 
and leftover art supplies. 
She paints and thought she might be able to pick up something useful. She did the painting below.

(done by Ann)

There was an assortment of books, beads, paints, jewelry and lots of things to use as embellishments.

She found some water color paper.
Everything there was yours for a donation.

There was artwork on display 
done by students of the classes that are offered there.

The two watercolors on the right of the picture below were done by eleven and twelve year olds.
They have some craft classes here as well.

On the way home, 
we stopped at a local farmers stand.
It's a little early for me to buy mums..they just don't last.
They are very tempting though...

Lots of homegrown veggies and fruit..

The "proprietor" was telling us that this business was
 family owned and run for three generations.
He pointed out his 97 year old grandmother
 who was hiding behind one of the cases sorting tomatoes.
She took her bandana off so I could take her picture.
What a dear soul....
They sure don't make them like they used to !!

Farm raised meat..Filet $22.00 a pound !!

Great looking cookies...

There's no shortage of markets like this here...
One could spend the day visiting them all.
The moon is full and the nights feel like fall...Yay!!
 It looks like a navel orange at the bottom..



Lynne said...

Interesting . . . I just purchased my first beginners watercolor book. I needed to be with you and your sis!

Love your moon pics . . .

Love and Shenanigans said...

We seem to have a shortage of places like this in our area.... or perhaps I just need to look a little harder. Oh to be able to paint and do it well. I envy your sister's ability!

Carol Ann Henstra said...

Oh this was a delight to read and look. Thank you.

Your sister is a lovely painter too.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A fun day! And wow, 97 and sorting tomatoes -- how great is that? She has a beautiful smile too.

Patricia said...

Oh goodness that is my kind of shopping day. Your room pictures are wonderful.

Blackberry Lane said...

I enjoyed these photos. What a great time you two must have had. Have a good evening.

Tante Mali said...

Oh what a day - now I've all the pictures and flowers and cookies and and and the grandma in my house and it is wonderful!
All my best

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful - thanks for sharing!
Ann P.